Bitch Who Told Boyfriend to Off Himself Appeals Manslaughter Conviction

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2018

That bitch who encouraged her boyfriend to kill himself and got convicted of manslaughter is demanding a retrial based on the text messages themselves.

Boston Herald:

Michelle Carter is demanding her freedom, saying she shouldn’t have been found guilty of egging on her boyfriend to commit suicide because the worst text was “cherry-picked” to doom her, according to new court documents filed yesterday.

Carter was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter last summer for Conrad Roy III’s July 2014 suicide in Fairhaven for texting and calling him to “get back in” his truck as it filled with deadly carbon monoxide.

Look, I hate women. I think they deserve to be beaten, raped and locked in cages.

And if you think any single bitch on the planet wouldn’t try to convince you to commit suicide and then laugh about it and feel no guilt or regret and then go to Disney World to celebrate, then I feel nothing but contempt for you, as you are a worm who knows nothing of the nature of a woman.

That having been said – I don’t really see what this bitch did wrong, let alone what she did that was illegal.

Here’s the Wikipedia information on the court proceedings and verdict:

Michelle Carter was indicted on February 4, 2015, and arraigned the following day at in New Bedford Juvenile Court on charges of involuntary manslaughter in Taunton, Massachusetts. The grand jury found enough to charge her with “wantonly and recklessly” assisting the suicide. She was 17 at the time and the court indicted her as a ‘youthful offender’ rather than a ‘juvenile’, meaning she could be sentenced as if an adult.

In May 2015, Roy’s family were upset by pictures posted on social media by Gail Carter, despite a court order, showing her daughter Michelle in a prom dress and on a trip to Orlando taking part in a DECA schools competition which included visiting Walt Disney World.

The day before trial was due to start on June 6, 2017, Carter waived her right to jury trial and therefore the case was heard by Hon. Lawrence Moniz in the Bristol County Juvenile Court of Massachusetts, in Taunton.

It is believed to be the first involuntary manslaughter trial in Massachusetts related to texting to encourage suicide though there have been a few related cases.

On June 16, 2017, Judge Lawrence Moniz of the Bristol County Juvenile Court of Massachusetts, in Taunton found Carter legally guilty of involuntary manslaughter. He stated prior to his ruling that it was Carter’s phone calls with Roy when he was in his truck gassing himself (as described by Carter’s texts to friends), rather than the preceding text messages, that caused him to go through with killing himself.

According to CNN, this decision “could set legal precedent for whether it’s a crime to tell someone to commit suicide.” Carter remained free on bail until her sentencing on August 3 when she was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for manslaughter, though she faced up to 20 years.

So yeah, I’m not any more informed by that than I was before that. And I actually followed the trial too.

I think it was probably dumb to not go to jury trial, because as far as I can tell, this judge just unilaterally decided that you can control another persons actions by sending them electronic messages.

If they would have went with some kind of “incitement to violence” charge, that would make sense. To be fair though, I still have no idea how Charles Manson was convicted of first-degree murder for murders committed by other people, and I’ve actually read books about that. So maybe I am just fundamentally incapable of understanding the American criminal justice system.

NOTE: For the record, the Wikipedia page on "Proxy Murder" contains only two "famous cases," one of which is Manson's. In the other case, the individual was not convicted of any murders. So I imagine this issue is confusing for a lot of people, and I imagine there is a lot of legal debate about the concept.

But it seems to me that according to some vague notions I have of “natural law,” encouraging someone to commit an act is fundamentally different than committing that act yourself.

Anyway, Manson arguably used drugs and other methods to mind control his cult members, so that is a different sort of case all together. But hey without going too far off course here – the members of the Manson family who actually committed the murders were also convicted of first-degree murder, negating the idea that they were mind-controlled slaves that Manson used as human weapons. So that case still confuses me.

But back to the bitch with the manslaughterous texts.

Firstly, any man who will take a woman’s advice on anything at all deserves to die. So that is all on him, in my opinion. I mean that in the metaphysical rather than the legal sense. Because as I’ve said, the legal part doesn’t make any sense to me.

But let me get to the core of my insight here: the social implications of the verdict.

On one hand, I think this verdict is a feminist verdict. It is implying that women naturally posses the power to control men’s actions. This reenforces the “girl power” narrative of women being able to level the playing field and dominate men using emotional manipulation.

However, on the other hand, it could be looked at as an anti-feminist verdict, as it is acknowledging that the female ability to emotionally manipulate men is a form of violence.

It’s a weird case, generally. And interesting.

I’m strongly of the opinion that the manslaughter charge is insane. But it is the least interesting aspect of it.

The more interesting aspects are:

  • A woman’s ability to manipulate a man
  • The weakness of the modern man
  • The potential implications of society accepting that a woman has the ability to control a man’s actions with her words

But mainly: it shouldn’t be illegal to tell someone to kill themselves. That is going to create infinity social media lawsuits, particularly given the fact that trannies are so prone to suicide and that people who hate trannies are so prone to telling them to do it.

Plus, “you should kill yourself” is an opinion.


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