Bitch Gots a Point Tho

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 20, 2018

You can laugh at this niggerbitch that no one in the world wants to fuck, and her phrasing which implies that if a black man won’t fuck you no one will.

Laugh away.

But you know that white men are going to be in the same place soon, right?

The Jew system is putting us on the absolute bottom of the sexual marketplace.

It’s a hard sell.

But they are well on their way to making it happen, because women are so fucking dumb, they will just go along with whatever social pressures are put on them.

White women may be horrible monsters, but they are our only means of reproducing, and we need them for that purpose.

Because reproductive stumps… are illegal.

…for now.


I wrote some comments in response to commenters. Since the comments are hidden now, due to technical issues, I’ll post them here bc relevant to ur interests.

Comment #1: Black Male Sexual Preference

It’s probably a vicious cycle. Because if they acted better, they would have more options. But because they are ugly, they get poor response from men, so their behavior worsens, which worsens their response from men.

In my experience, black men do have some kind of sexual fixation with white women, but most don’t actually want to date them, for a bunch of different reasons that would be interesting to explore. Most black men who date white women (Jamie Foxx) are doing it exclusively to degrade and attack white men.

Without that factor, a black male typically prefers a mulatto, or some mystery meat thing like Kanye’s wife. I think both their looks and attitude are a part of it.

Most black men however don’t really date or enter relationships at all, because it is too complicated for them.

Comment #2: “Our Women”

It was Jews who got us here.

But they couldn’t have done it without their greatest ally: white women.

There are no redeeming qualities of white women, other than the single fact that matters, which is their genes.


Sit down and list off the things that make a white woman better than an Asian woman. Or even fucking mestiza spics.

You can’t even say “looks” now really, because white women are fat and even if they aren’t the levels of substance abuse make them age at sonic speed.

Obviously, the ideal white woman is the most beautiful woman, but statistically, if you line up 10 20-something white women and 10 20-something gook women, the gooks are all 10 going to look better than 9 of the white women, simply due to weight and level of age wear. As well as apparently very serious endocrine problems, the causes of which are not being examined by science but which are clearly devastating. Nevermind the fucking tattoos.

I have no allegiance to these whores. They are property that exists to serve us. They are malfunctioning machines.

My racial allegiance is to my brothers, period. Not baby-making machines that don’t make babies anymore and are instead focused on trying to obliterate us.

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