Big Momma in Da House: Trayboon’s Bonobo Mother Running for Office!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 24, 2019

This silverback is milking her son’s death for everything that it is worth.

New York Times:

Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old whose shooting death by a neighborhood watch volunteer set off a national conversation on racial profiling, formally announced on Monday that she would run for local office in Florida.

This is some incredibly misleading language.

Because we all know what happened in the Trayvon Martin case. It was a storied chapter in internet history and an important milestone in many people’s journey to the red pill – mine included.

A recap: George Zimmerman was on his usual local neighborhood coon patrol in Florida one night when he got attacked by a wild nigger who was high on lean.

He got tackled to the ground and was being pummeled by the little monkey. That’s when he decided that enough was enough and pulled out his Glock.

The rest, as they say, was history.

When the police arrived on the scene, they gave him a high-five and didn’t arrest him. It was only after the activists got their hands on the story that they decided to make a huge media spectacle of the affair. NBC released a fake tape edited to make it look like Zimmerman was racially hunting Martin, Obama made his speech, and Zim-Zam was arrested.

But the American people weren’t having anything to do with the media narrative. You just couldn’t convince them that this little thuglet was an innocent angel.

And Zimmerman stuck to his story, got an A-team of lawyers to represent him and eventually got back to enjoying his life poolside.

Apparently, NYT Jews believe enough time has passed for them to revert back to the fantasy story they presented in 2012.

Ms. Fulton became an activist after the death of her son in Sanford, Fla., in 2012, making speeches around the country as she worked to curb gun violence.

Now she will aim to effect such change from inside the government, she said, contesting the mayor of Miami Gardens for a seat on the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners.

“At first I didn’t want to be the voice for Trayvon after he died, but I decided I have no choice,” Ms. Fulton said in an Instagram video announcing her campaign. “Now I am called to act and called to serve,” she said.

She must be a part of Trump’s new jobs program to get the negro unemployment number down. Logically speaking though, we could just do as St. Zimmerman did and shoot them dead if we really wanted to put a dent in the unemployment numbers.

Trump could get up there at the podium and talk about how black crime and unemployment was reduced because “we just started shooting them all, folks. Tough stuff. Had to do it. Just look at those numbers! Bigly!”

If we want to make the GDP reductionist position the central plank of the new Trump 2020 platform, then okay, let’s not make the GDP the all-important factor when it comes to just White people’s jobs, but extend it to black people’s lives as well.

I want to hear Trump talk about it at the next rally.

“Sorry about rounding up and killing all those black people, folks. But jobs are important. Our administration made a commitment to providing the American people with work. The prison guards – who are terrific people, let me tell you – they made a killing, didn’t you guys? Laughter and applause. Stand up, stand up! Take a bow. Terrific people, folks. Fantastic.”

If he does that, I may consider putting the Communist revolution on hold to focus on something the Republican party is now 100% committed to under Trump: putting feral niggers down raising the GDP.

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  1. Forgotten history:

    Saint Skittles never would have met Zimmerman- who BTW did nothing wrong- had his sheboon mom not kicked him out of her home and sent him to live with her ex-husband.

    She told her ex-husband she couldn’t live with Trayvon anymore because he was such a wild, out-of-control thug.

  2. If Big Mamma be walking around at the zoo, I’d swear a handler had left a cage door open!

    Gorilla-iest face I’ve ever seen!

    Seriously, who put it in that beast to even make a Trayvon?

    Louisville Slugger notwithstanding, under what circumstances could any of y’all get wood in the presence of that thing?

  3. Don’t forget his waddermelon flavored iced tea. Skittles and iced tea are two thirds of the nigger concoction “lean,” the other being cough syrup. He wasn’t just buying an innocent snack, he was getting high.

    Also worth noting he had been suspended from school for fighting and possessing marijuana. School officials also found burglary tools and women’s jewelry in his bag, but decided not to contact police about it.

    It was also raining when he was walking into ZimZam’s neighborhood. It wasn’t a bright sunny or even overcast day. Imagine you’re a neighborhood watch guard, and some nigger with his hoodie done up starts walking slowly down your street, stopping to look into people’s windows, which Trayboon did. Of course you call the cops, especially when that street has a history of break ins, which it did.

  4. Frederica-Wilson
    Oh sheit! Trayvon shot down like a dawg!
    Creepy ass kraka n’ sheit.

  5. time to troll her with two words: “Not Guilty”

  6. What about Trayvon’s father? What does he say?

  7. I got zero political experience and don’t know any policies but let me run for office because my feral son got capped by the Zimzam

    The literal state of Democracy

  8. I wonder if a suspension rather than immediate expulsion and arrest for drug offenses is routine in nigger schools.

  9. There was one Negress on the jury who succumbed to white pressure to do the right thing. She received a lot of abuse afterwards and expressed some regret IIRC. Taunting would only make it less likely to get one of them to fall in line next time. What a mess this society has become!

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