Big Brain Nibba and French President Emmanuel Macron Plans on Crashing the EU with No Survivors

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 30, 2017

Macron, the president of France, clearly has a gay crush on Trump. He is so gaga over Trump that he basically imitates Trump on everything.

He came out recently and made rayyycist statements about the blacks and browns. He started getting friendly with Russia. And then he started taking shots at the media, claiming that his superior intellect was too great for the journalists to comprehend in a debate.

This is the power of love at work, no other explanation for it.

Trump literally said: “Macron loves holding my hand.”

And now Macron is talking about wrecking the EU at the trendy dinner parties that the other homo European elites attend.

The Express:

Macron is set to deliver his new vision for the European Union at a dinner with leaders – but the French President is expected to receive a frosty reaction, according to insiders.

But what is this dastardly clever reformer’s master plan?

The Express:

The French President is pushing for more economic harmonisation in the EU as he warned the embattled bloc is “more than fragile that ever.

His plans include shared eurozone budget alongside closer links between European voters and their institutions.

Emmanuel Macron also called for a shared border police, a joint defence force and budget, plus a Europe-wide carbon tax.

In a nod to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Mr Macron said they both share the same European commitment and he knows her response to his proposals will be courageous.

In other words, Macron is trying to destroy the EU by casting off huge parts of it. And he’s framing this in terms of ‘saving the EU’.

Very clever. Actually though.

By claiming that what he really seeks is just greater integration and cooperation with Germany, what he really really means is that he wants less integration with Italy, Greece, Spain and all those other EU countries tacked on in recent years.

Macron is actually taking one for the team here.

Freed from the non-stop cash flow from Germany, and the EU bureacratic yoke, all these little countries might be able to save themselves from the nuclear bomb that is ticking to detonation in Western Europe. Germany will no longer be able to bully them into accepting Moslems.

Macron is like a gay ironman, redirecting a nuke and saving Europe with his clever plan.

And so I say godspeed to him.

Save the EU, you clever, gay, little man.

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  1. annjee says:

    Loll😂 Isn’t love grand? Macron is clearly into older people, regardless of gender…

  2. I lol’d so hard the dog got freaked df out.

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