Biden’s Looking For a POC to Bail His Cracka Ass Out!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 29, 2019

Biden thinks that his time has come. He’s been so tantalizingly close to the Presidency for almost two decades now. Just licking his lips, salivating and Bidening *heh* his time.

But he’s got a problem.

He be a cracka in a party fo’ de brothas.

So he’s announced that he’ll pick primitive homo erectus Stacey Abrams as his VP. Even though he still hasn’t officially announced he’s running.


An adviser to failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams on Wednesday evening ripped former Vice President Joe Biden for his “entitlement” for wanting Abrams “to save his ass” in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary.

In a BuzzFeed report that details the blowback from Abrams’ supporters that even surprised Abrams after various outlets reported that Biden was considering naming Abrams as his vice presidential pick when he announces his candidacy, an Abrams adviser told the outlet that the stories were “particularly exploitative” because “Biden couldn’t be bothered to endorse Stacey in the gubernatorial primary.”

“Now he wants her to save his ass. That’s some serious entitlement,” the adviser reportedly added.

Lol, this is mos-def a sheboon “keepin’ it real.” Biden tried to get one of the wokest niggas on the block, Stacey Abrams, to vouch for him, basically. She’s not sure about putting her street cred behind this cracka just yet though.

Though representatives for Abrams and Biden denied the vice presidency reports, BuzzFeed reported that, according to two sources familiar with the matter, “Biden’s team has pitched Abrams on the idea of being Biden’s running mate at the outset of a 2020 campaign.” 

Biden needs a minority to make it through the primaries and to take the edge off the fact that he’s a fuckin’ White male who lived in a saner, Whiter America and wasn’t #woke at any point in his long career until quite recently.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, “The Case for Reparations” author, recently pointed out Biden’s “problematic” record on social justice issues, and some of Abrams’ allies worried that Biden would use her as his “human shield” during the campaign on race issues.

“Biden said, ‘My goal is to lock Willie Horton up.’ He’s literally on the record making the case for why his crime bill is tough. He wasn’t trying to compromise with the Republicans. This was actually an attempt to get to the right of Republicans,” Coates said. “On top of that, you have this piece in the [Washington Post] where he talks about his own rhetoric in the ’70s and ’80s, in terms of busing. I don’t know if the criminal-justice bit is going to be enough. But you start pulling all of it together, I think you start to get something that might actually be problematic.”

So now he has to go above and beyond the call of duty to prove that he’s jiggy with itThat he’s hip to the new anti-White DNC base. That he understands intersectional feminism and all that other crazy shit they teach at universities now.

You know, if the blacks were smarter, they wouldn’t be so hostile to Biden. 

Someone with so much racial kompromat on them would make an ideal candidate, even if he is White. He’ll spend his whole presidency over-compensating and apologizing for his Whiteness and the Whiteness of his fellow Americans and trying to prove something to black and brown America.

Like when he didn’t believe a black woman’s rape testimony and now he blames all White people for his “mistake”

Obama, in retrospect, wasn’t very woke. He did the whole, “my son would look like Trayvon” bit, but otherwise, he wasn’t that big a fan of the Jews and the borders weren’t blown wide open like they were under Trump, and there was no “Let Niggers Out of Jail to Prove I’m Not Racist” Act under his administration.

If anything, he huwhyten’d up his whole Presidency and tried to do the whole, “how do you do, fellow Americans?” bit.

Yes, I’m literally at the point where I think a gay Moslem mulatto was a better President than Blumpf. 

Biden would be the absolute worst thing in the world though. The cucking would be off the charts. And he’s got a shot, to be quite honest. All because he has a secret weapon:

He is, after all, the guy who stood next to Obama for 8 years during that historic presidency. Dems still overwhelmingly love Obama. He’s a superstar. We’ll have to wait and see who gives the Big O the biggest bribe in exchange for his endorsement of their campaign.

If Obama and the colored VP pick vouch for Biden, he might squeak by the primaries.

But my money is still on Kamala. Just think about the debates. It will be all the brown candidates shitting on Beto and Biden and the two of them unable to defend themselves, forced to agree, “yes, I’m a terrible person because I’m White and I don’t even know what I’m doing on this stage, massa, please forgive me. Vote for me!”

It’ll be cringe AF lol.

I can’t wait.

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