Bibi Triumphantly Presents a Piece of Trash

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 19, 2018

So this is like, a specific thing to insult Moslems he’s doing here.

Most people would be like “whoopdi-doo, Bibi, a piece of trash.”

But Moslems are like “HE HAS A PIECE OF TRASH FROM OUR THING!!!!!111”


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used a piece of what he said was fragment of an Iranian drone downed by the Israeli military to taunt Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

Netanyahu used the prop while addressing a gathering at the Munich Security Conference on Sunday.

鈥淢r. Zarif, you recognize this?鈥澛爃e asked while holding what looked like a piece of an aircraft wing.聽鈥淵ou should, it鈥檚 yours. You can take back with you a message to the tyrants of Tehran: do not test Israel鈥檚 resolve.鈥

The Israeli leader used the platform of the conference in Germany to attack Iran, describing it as the world鈥檚 greatest threat.

Earlier on February 10, Israel reported destroying an Iranian drone after it crossed into Israeli airspace from Syria. In retaliation, the Jewish state launched an air raid on a Syrian military facility, from which it said the drone was piloted.

The Israeli Air Force lost an F-16 to Syrian anti-aircraft fire during the raid, and responded with what Israel described as the biggest air operation against Syria in decades.

I think maybe Jews also have some sort of cultural understanding with regards to what it implies to hold up a piece of trash. So he is grandstanding in front of his own folks as well, as he waits for his indictment to come down.

But really, why provoke, Bibi?

You are not in the best of situations here. You just lost a huge war. And then you got one of your planes shot down, which is a lot bigger of a thing than having a drone shot down. Iran could just as easily be holding up a piece of your jet, but they aren’t because they have better manners.