Beware the Shelter Breakers: Tanned Swedes Smash 70 Bus Stops in One Night

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 30, 2018

I remember when my high school teacher told the class not to destroy bus shelters because people needed to use them for public transport. All of us erupted into a unified “OHHH!” at this revelation, then made several notes with words such as “bad” and “don’t” underlined three times in red.

From that day onwards, we went from destroying several bus shelters a night to never destroying one again.

That’s the power of education.

Somalis, Arabs and other gents from Mordor never had that education, so they still believe that hurling bricks through shelter windows and laughing into the night is acceptable behavior.

Please bear that in mind before judging them too harshly.


In one night alone “vandals” destroyed 185 glass panes at 70 different bus stops across the city of Gothenburg and the nearby municipality of Mölndal.

The attacks occurred the weekend before Midsummer day in Sweden and no arrests have been made, according to police, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

The vandals have become known as “shelter breakers”, according to the public transport company, who say the incidents are not uncommon.

My sides… Sweden actually has a dystopic sci-fi name for their renegade hajis!

Blade Runner had blade runners:

Fahrenheit 451 had firemen:

And Sweden 2018 has:

***Shelter breakers***

“Unfortunately, shelter breakers are not at all an unknown phenomenon for us, and it’s not uncommon for a big weekend,” press communications officer for the public transport company Västtrafik Alice Roman said.

Yeah, that’s the problem with multiculturalism. If you want the gang rapes, the grenade attacks, the runaway trucks and the female genital mutilations, you have to accept the bad things, too.

Magnus Bernåker, a local who uses the public transport system said Västtrafik should install CCTV cameras.

Great idea! It worked for Britain.

No wonder London is so safe <3

According to migrants living in Västerås, the real reason for setting fire to cars was a mix of boredom and feeling discriminated against by native Swedes. “People don’t know how young people are discriminated against every day… We only get noticed when the cars burn. I think young people are using it as a cry for help,” one said.

I know the feeling.

I’m reminded of the time I visited China. I didn’t like it one bit. There were Chineses to my left, Chineses to my right, the air was humid and EVERYTHING CAME WITH RICE.

So I set a car aflame and danced around it like a wild injun.

When the Chinapolice questioned me about the incident, I told them that I was just bored and fed up. At once, their icy countenances melted and transformed into something resembling sympathy.

They understood completely and let me go.

If the Chinese can accept that boredom leads to roadside infernos, I’m confident that those tolerant Swedes will accept it, too, and put a stop to those rambunctious shelter breakers through the power of education and understanding.

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