Bethesda Rats Attempt Apology for Refusing Fallout 76 Refund, Giving Free Old Games

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 24, 2018

The disgusting rats of Bethesda have stuck to their guns on their “no refunds” policy on Fallout 76, but have decided to make the miniscule Christmas gesture of giving the game’s victims three free old games.

When I saw the headline, I figured they were giving them all of the games – including 3, New Vegas and 4, and were just doing it to get around the PR debacle of refusing refunds.

But no. They are giving people games that were released when I was a kid, which the people who bought 76 have either already played or wouldn’t be interested in – and which cost $5.99 bundled on Steam.

76 was $60, and has been almost universally described as unplayable.

Bethesda is currently being investigated by lawyers who are wanting to do a class action suit against them for selling them this broken, horrible game and then refusing a refund, which has been labeled “deceptive trade practices.”

They apparently did give some people refunds, presumably those who said they were “unable to load the game.” But then they denied most all other refunds when people filed complaints. They definitely potentially have a difficult legal situation.

So I can understand that they can’t just all of the sudden start giving out refunds, due to whatever legal advice they may have been given. Plus, they certainly want to keep all that money people spent on this game – which actually amounted to a type of hoax.

But why not just give the rest of the games too, so fewer people are angry?

Giving these old games I would argue actually makes the situation worse, as it is an insult to the people denied refunds. It’s like raping a $60 hooker and then throwing $6 in her bloodied face as you trot off.

Who is running this company?



The ginger menace.

Todd Howard.

I’ve Really Enjoyed Watching This Shitshow

This has been probably the most enjoyable video game related drama I’ve ever witnessed.

On every single level, these people have screwed up so, so badly. The fact that they even released the game at all is just completely incredible to me, as it seems to be clear that it was literally planned to just be a massive cash-grab and damn the backlash. They couldn’t possibly have believed that people would enjoy the game, and they couldn’t possibly have believed that after it came out more people would be buying it. So it was just a way to rip-off people who pre-ordered it by selling them what really amounts to a fake game and then refusing them a refund.

But why would they be willing to create this kind of backlash against what was still an at least partially respected company in order to make a few million on pre-orders?

And didn’t they realize there would be potential legal problems with such an obvious scam?

It just doesn’t make any sense.

The first time I saw Todd Howard talking about the game, at the announcement, it was obvious he was being purposefully obtuse. I talked to several people who are video game fans, and everyone said the same thing: “I don’t understand what this game is even supposed to be…”

People are currently still attempting to figure that out.

It was almost so shocking, that people are in shock. They don’t even know how to respond to it.

I’ve watched a lot of reviews on YouTube and people are talking about how they played it for dozens of hours, just trying to figure out if they were somehow missing the point, because they just didn’t believe that someone would sell them a fake game for $60.

This is the best of the reviews, in my opinion. It’s long, but it is so much fun to watch this guy go through the whole thing, and realize the scope of what Bethesda – one of the biggest video game companies ever – has done to their own fans.

The reviewer, Skill Up, refers to the game as “immoral,” and says he can’t imagine ever calling any other game that. And it is the exactly correct word that everyone is looking for in trying to describe what Fallout 76 is. It is a scam, and a fake game.

I think that Todd Howard is going to have to resign from the company, honestly. Or at least resign from his position as director and recede to some purely development role.

People are very worried about future games. Elder Scrolls VI is in development (that’s the sequel to Skyrim), and Todd Howard is saying they’re going to build it like they did Fallout 76. If it’s a good game, word will get around, and even most of the people who Howard 76ed with 76 will buy it, but no one is going to preorder any of their games ever again.

The whole thing is just so “lol wtf???”

Fallout was Kinda Destroyed Anyway

I played the original two games when I was a kid, and though I don’t hate the new games, it is clear that they are not the same thing.

YouTuber Indigo Gaming made a great video a while back summarizing the transformation of the IP, and I agree with everything he says.

So it’s hard to say that 76 “destroyed fallout.”

Although I probably wouldn’t call it my single favorite series, I really like the lore, aesthetic and dark humor of the original (only a little bit of which was carried over to the newer games), so it’s sad that this is what the series has become.

However, as is noted by Indigo Gaming, several other games inspired by the original Fallout have been released.

He gives these recommendations:

I haven’t played any of those other than a little bit of Wasteland 2 (I got distracted by other stuff and never got into it).

But I always tell people this: if you’re angry that games you like as a kid aren’t being made anymore, you’re just paying too much attention to big AAA releases.

Yes, the gaming industry is going straight to hell, basically every company other than Rockstar has collapsed into a series of microtransactional scams. Or free-to-play battle royale – if you’re into that scene, I understand they’re very good (a lot of readers probably aren’t into them, however).

But the fact is that games that we millennials played as kids could be made very cheaply now, and they’re just as good.

Though I can’t recommend any of the Fallout-similar games I listed above, if you liked Dungeons and Dragons isometric RPGs, I can absolutely recommend Pillars of Eternity. No Baldur’s Gate fan could possibly be disappointed by that.

As far as new-style first-person stuff, we’ve got The Outer Lands coming out from Obsidian, which was contracted before M$ bought them. Although that might not actually end up being the New Vegas sequel everyone was hoping it was going to be.

The maker of this video, JuiceHead, has been giving mad coverage of 76, with all of the latest scandal news – I trust his analysis of the information released so far on Outer Lands indicating it is going to be a much smaller game which doesn’t give the same type of experience as New Vegas, despite the fact that the same team is making it.

A further option in all of this is to simply not play video games at all.

I personally read about and watch YouTube videos about games a lot more than I personally play them. But I think in moderation, playing games is fine. I don’t have the negative opinion that some people on the far-right have of them, and honestly, I think portraying any kind of video game play as negative is a bit ridiculous.

Around the holidays, I’m always thinking about games, probably because it was something that was always a holiday event during my childhood, from the time I got a NES when I was 5. Last year during the winter months, I played through Pillars of Eternity. I haven’t played anything this year. I have been wanting to, but have not made a pick.

With all this drama around Fallout, I’ve been wanting to play through the original two (with time extension mods), as I haven’t done that in several years. But I think I’m going to save that for when I become a professional non-racist Twitch streamer as a second job.

Let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations.

Merry Christmas!