Bethesda Bans Christians from Terrible Fallout 76 Game

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 4, 2018

The game turned out to be so universally panned – as I predicted it would be – that very few people who did not purchase it pre-release are buying Fallout 76.

However, one of the things that the Daily Stormer told you about this game was that their attempt to launch an alternative to Steam was treacherous. And just as one would expect, they are using this new platform to promote homosexualism and ban Christians.

As the homosexuality-oriented gaming blog Kotaku writes:

Bethesda has banned a group of Fallout 76 players for life after they launched a homophobic attack on others in the game. “We have come to eliminate all gays,” players can be heard saying in a video of the incident.

As reported by Eurogamer, the incident, which originally took place a couple weeks ago, lasted about 10 minutes and consisted of one group of Fallout 76players taunting and harassing another group using homophobic slurs over proximity chat while trying to hunt them down. Fallout 76 is an online game where players coexist on a single map and are able to team-up, trade, or in this case virtually recreate hate crimes.

One of the victims, AJ, recorded video of the encounter and shared it on Twitter in an attempt to get the maker of the game, Bethesda, to take note of the incident and punish the players involved. “I’m calling bully hunters,” someone can be heard saying in the video, to which one of the attackers responds, “Bully hunters? You’re gonna have to call better than that, we’re the gay eliminators.” The same person can later be heard saying, “We’re cleansing the wasteland,” while another repeatedly refers to AJ’s group as “faggots,” while laughing throughout the entire thing. Eventually they managed to kill AJ’s character. NathanTheHicc, one of the attackers, later uploaded his own footage of the incident to YouTube under the title “Cleansing the Queers.”

Bethesda, who did not return a request for comment by Kotaku, told Eurogamer that it had initially instituted a three-day ban against the offending players after AJ shared the footage with them. However, after reviewing the incident further, the publisher decided to ban the players for life instead.

There is no religious freedom in Fallout 76.

If you believe it was Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve, you might as well just go play a better game on Steam, because Fallout 76 is what people in the gaming business call “anal only.”

It’s a shame that this horrible botched rollout of the latest game in the Fallout series isn’t enough to sink Bethesda forever, and result in the rights to Fallout being purchased by the franchise’s original creators (who now work at Black Isle and produced the fantastic New Vegas on contract with Bethesda).

Video game companies – even AAA companies – go under regularly.

Todd Howard, the developer of this terrible game, is a fag and probably a homosexual. Maybe a tranny.

Bethesda’s parent company has already crashed the Wolfenstein franchise with no survivors by turning it into an antifa “punch Richard Spencer” type of “anal only” affair. However, they still own the profitable Elder Scrolls and Doom IPs, and they’re presently working on a new Elder Scrolls single player RPG game, which should safely make a lot of money.

Fallout is my personal favorite video game series other than Baldur’s Gate. So it is sad to me that Bethesda is being allowed to run it into the ground. I hope that the next installment of Elder Scrolls is as poorly received as Fallout 76, and the company collapses.