Bernie and the Death of Ideological Politics

The Right Stuff
January 26, 2016


(((Bernie Sanders))) is probably not going to win the Democratic nomination. The party machine isn’t behind him, and his support consists mainly of young White people. The problem for the senile Jew and his supporters is they still mentally picture a Democratic Party that looks like it did in the 1970s—enthusiastic White socialists with enough token minorities around to make them feel good and, most importantly, give them an electoral advantage over Republicans.

In 2013, Democrats had fallen to about 60% white, a number that continues to decline every year. White Democrats themselves are split among doctrinaire Marxists, pragmatic managerial types, radical environmentalists, and antipatriotic globalists, so no one faction can gain control of the Party without significant backing from Hispanics and Blacks.

As a consequence of the degeneration of the Democrats from an ideologically progressive party to a seething mass of illiterate, mutually antagonistic Third World ethnies, the Party’s internal politics now resemble those of the Third World. The nomination is now a crude function of who can navigate the Party machinery most effectively while doling out the most bribes and attractive photo-ops to the drooling masses. Of course, Hillary is a hideous sea hag, but with the right lighting, make-up, and re-touching, she’s still more attractive than Bernie, who looks like a pedophile that’s been holding a brutal fart for 20 years. And so minorities prefer her over Bernie 97-3.

One need only look south of the Rio Grande to see how this works out in practice. Enrique Peña Nieto is a remarkably attractive, remarkably corrupt, remarkably incompetent buffoon who is a perfect stooge for Mexico’s organized crime and wealthy elites. Neither PRI nor PAN, the two dominant parties, are really “conservative” or “liberal.” They’re simply bribed by different groups of elites for favors and bribe different groups of poor people for votes.

You’d think that would be a wake-up call for conservatives, but of course it isn’t, because conservatives are stupid. We are literally watching the Democratic Party’s demographic cancer metastasize and destroy its ability to conduct politics on any basis other than bribery, and conservatives are insisting that in 40 years, when Whites are a minority in the entire country, rational arguments and leaflets will win the day.

I wasn’t kidding.