BBC Will Contact Your Boss and Try to Get You Fired if You Make “Offensive” Comments on Their Articles

Daily Stormer
May 20, 2017

Ask the BBC about this, and you might lose your job.

If stupid goyim can say what they want, it’s just a slippery slope to the gas chambers – because White people are genetically predisposed to not understand that we’re all the same.


The BBC has revealed it will use people’s “personal information” to “stop” them being “disruptive” or “offensive” online, as well as threatening to inform users employer if they are perceived to have broken the law.

The national broadcaster revealed the threat in a new 28-page ‘Privacy and Cookies Policy’ document, which contained a section on “offensive or inappropriate content”.

“If you post or send offensive, inappropriate or objectionable content anywhere on or to BBC websites or otherwise engage in any disruptive behaviour on any BBC service, the BBC may use your personal information to stop such behaviour”, the section claimed.

In Britain the speech laws are so demented that you don’t even have to be “racist” or “sexist” or whatever to be arrested, just being mean is enough to have police knocking at your door at four in the morning.

This is what we call the “nanny state” AKA the “Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone! State.”

Britain doesn’t have any serious crimes going on, so it’s good for the cops to stretch out their legs from time to time.

It is unclear how the BBC would deploy user’s personal information to alter their behaviour online, and there are not detail given as to what actions they would include within the broad and subjective bracket of “offensive, inappropriate or objectionable”.

The threat to contract third parties such as “your employer, school email/internet provider or law enforcement agencies” about “content and your behaviour” is limited to “where the BBC reasonably believes that you are or may be in breach of any applicable laws”.

However, why the BBC might want to peruse people via their job or education – rather than allowing the criminal justice system to run its course – is also unclear.

It’s only unclear if you have the White Privilege to not see clearly how your hatred genocides people of color, minorities, women, human rights and the environment.

Shame on you!

The world is hell for anyone who isn’t a  White man

They give the example of a post that “may be defamatory”, but do not rule out perusing people for so-called “hate crimes”, which are recorded as a crime so long as they are “perceived” as hateful by the “victim”, with no evidence required.

Furthermore, the phrases “reasonably believes” and “may be in breach” appear to give the BBC the ability to interpret the law themselves, and even scope to potentially ruin lives or reputations when the law has not, in fact, been breached.

All White people are racist, so they’re guilty by default of any hate crime law there is.

What’s so complicated, goyim?

Learn the facts!

Personally, I’m very happy about this. I’m one of those “the worst things are, the better” people, and I know that for every person who gets arrested under these Orwellian laws there’s a few dozen friends and family members who go from being indifferent to disliking or even hating the System. Measures like these are our best recruitment tool, and we should support them whenever we can.

The two most important things we can do at this stage is organize and radicalize, and if the kikes who run our countries want to help us with the latter, I see no problem with it.

If you scribble “nigger” on the wall in a public toilet in London, it’ll get more coverage from the BBC than this girl did.

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  1. I don’t have a boss. I’m the boss. If any of my clients didn’t like the shit I said online, they can go fuck themselves and fire me and find someone else who can do it better. I’d rather die than censor myself. Fuck this jewed world with everythng you’ve got.

  2. What sort of information about commenters does the BBC have? Isn’t this illegal? Use browsing data to expose people is utterly forbidden in EU.

  3. The Daily Mail made that threat to me last year. I gave them a hearty fuck you. Let them try to find my employer.

  4. " I HATE THE BRITISH!! They refused to take in jews in the 1930-50s tried to pawn them off on U.S., Canada and anyone stupid enugh to take the pigs.

    The article is a little long but will inform you. I am an historian and can tell you that in the war years many Brits took jews into their homes from Europe and REGRETTED it sooo bad. They HATED THE jews. They would not assimalate, take baths or any other hygene and thought they were constantly OWED $$$$ and pity , material possesions. THEY WANTED TO GAS THE KIKES!!

    Then surprise the British LET THEM IN and then all the subhuman filth of the world is walking the streets of England.

    So Brits you got your wish you are ruled by jews, invaded by muslims, Murdered, raped, robbed and in the last stage of genocide of your once beautiful raceand the majority of your men LET IT HAPPEN!! (I love the Nationalist Brits and may God help you). Your Rothchild ruler killed you.

    you had this

    but chose this

  5. Yea, over a year ago I was threatened by a British news source when I made a comment they didn’t like. I was sent the law that I would be found guilty of.
    Before that, I got into a twitter debate about the Holocaust with a British thought cop (a woman) who kept telling me that since the camps exist therefore Hitler killed 6 million Jews. She also threatened me, trying to convince me it was illegal in the USA for me to debate her.

  6. If you say who the British news source was I’ll add them to my troll list. I’m going to start focusing on these faggots.

  7. (((BBC)))

    Fixed it for you, no charge.

    Know how to stop the BBC. Don’t pay the £145 licence fee. The fee they charge you to be brainwashed.

    They use fear, lies and intimidation to get commitment to buying a TV licence. It’s all a lie, there is no Radar Detector vans, it is impossible to pin point any one watching terrestrial TV using their so called technology.

    They catch people by going through a database of addresses with no licence and then basically stalking them, listening through the letterbox, listening and looking in windows etc, bombarding people with nothing short of threatening letters.

    With a change in Law it is now illegal to watch BBC Iplayer online without a TV licence. If you don’t have a licence DO NOT watch BBC Iplayer where they can trace your details. All other channels Catch Up services, 4ID, My5, ITVplayer can be watched without a licence.

    Get rid of the corrupt biased BBC by stopping funding.

  8. All Americans need to go on (((BBC))) articles and destroy them. They can’t do shit.

  9. Boing says:

    Appropriate response: thank you for your threat to involve my employer in my private life, which is of no concern whatsoever to anyone. However I have passed on your threat to my employer, and as the company employs 500 people, all 500 staff have decided to boycott your newspaper in disgust.

    Happy Falling Circulation Figures


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