Battlefield V Actually Censors Words “White Man” in Chat

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2018

Men of good taste do not have good things to say about BFV’s gameplay, let alone its politics.

So, after EA and Dice pissed off every normal dude on the planet with their insane marketing and PR work for Battlefield V, and nobody ended up pre-ordering it, they went “oops, that was a terrible move, let’s correct course.”

Lol, just kidding.

They’re doubling down with more insane shit.

One Angry Gamer:

Videos and images are emerging from the open beta for Battlefield V that reveals that you’re not allowed to say “white man” in any capacity in the chat.

There’s a thread on the Battlefield sub-reddit featuring images of the chat where the word “white man” is censored.

This is not parody.

This is real.

Notice how Germany is also represented by a Marine jack instead of the swastika.

“White man” isn’t even considered offensive by anybody, and is used just as much by White nationalists as it is by anti-White lunatics. So the only reason to include this in the filter list is to make an explicit political statement.

Obviously some people figured that the images could be faked and that actually censoring the words “white man” would seem a step too far, and would make DICE appear to be rather racist.

However, video footage emerged of people testing the chat filter where they typed in “Asian man” and “black man” and “brown man”, all of which appear fine. However, typing in “white man” is filtered out of the chat.

YouTuber Appabend tweeted out a 37 second video showing that alongside “white man”, the word “Nazi” is also banned… in a World War II game.

Battlefield V is no country for White men.

Unless you’re a cripple, or worse – a paddy.

But banning “Titanfall” and other self-serving words is just entering into the realm of self-parody.

Basically, EA has just fully embraced the concept of controlling what people are allowed to say, and decided that not only would they keep things PC, they’ll also prevent people from voicing any criticism of the game or the company as a whole.

This revelation joins other news about censorship, namely that mentioning “DLC” in the chat is also censored.

This is all part of DICE’s plan to limit the kind of speech players use when communicating with one another. Many players asked DICE instead for the option to mute players instead of having to deal with the overbearing chat filter, but DICE denied gamers the option to use a mute-player option and instead decided to rely solely on the chat filter to filter out the content.

No, simply allowing people to mute people they don’t like wouldn’t work. Because the goal is to control what people say, and therefore think.

Muting people isn’t going to allow their games to be used as a brainwashing tool, and therefore is an irrelevant feature to implement.

Love… brown people and EA… Hate… Racists and other games…

This level of racism coupled with the censorship (even before the game is released) and the inclusion of over-the-top fantasy elements like black samurais and bionic British women have really tainted the upcoming release of Battlefield V.

Normie gamergaters are still referring to Jewish tricks as “racism” and “fascism” in 2018, smdh.

Haven’t they learned yet that you can’t turn the left’s buzzwords back against them? They don’t give a shit about being accused of being “racists.”

But accuse them of being communist kikes, and see how they recoil, watch how injured they are: “I’ve been found out!”

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