Bashar Assad’s Thot Niece Gets Her Stash of Cash Confiscated in London!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2019

I guess this confirms that Assad and his family are White.

Who else would spoil their daughters like this?

Daily Mail:

The niece of Syria President Bashar al-Assad who received £150,000 from relatives while studying in London has been forced to give up the contents of her UK bank account.

Investigators found that Aniseh Chawkat, 22, who rented a flat in the capital for more than £60,000 per year, benefited from 56 cash deposits into her Barclays account in 2017 and 2018.

I always knew that Assad’s clan weren’t above pocketing a few quid here and there from the public treasury.

I never knew that they tolerated thots in their midst though.

A girl being given £150k to party in her £60k-a-year flat in London? That always leads to designer handbags and designer drugs.

I expected better from the Assad clan.

The National Crime Agency discovered that the payments were made at branches of the bank across England, as a way of getting around EU sanctions to restrict funds from the Syrian regime.

Chawkat’s father Assef Shawkat was the Syrian deputy Minister of Defence between 2011 and his death in 2012, and both her mother Bushra al-Assad and uncle, the Syrian President, are subject to international sanctions.

Her father was literally killed by Western-sponsored terrorists in 2012. So naturally, she chose to go party it up in London after his death as if to say, “I don’t care about anything, least of all my country lol.”

What’s amazing is that Bashar Assad also studied in the West in his time.

And then, when he came to power, he was hailed as a reformer by Western media as he cozied up to Bush shills and decided to liberalize Syria. If it weren’t for the Arab Spring throwing a bucket of cold water in his face, he would have probably spear-headed the thotification of Syria.

You’d be surprised how many leaders who are ostensibly at war with the West allow their children to go to the West and get indoctrinated in the cities and the universities. It is a catastrophic oversight no doubt enabled by these men’s wives.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Kim Jong-un and the Ayatollah both have thot daughters who are clubbing it up in Miami in secret at this point.

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  1. Amazing how White this family looks.

  2. G-Man says:

    Assad’s family looks even more White.

    I personally find his wife quite attractive, she has a kind, intelligent, regal face. She looks pure White to me.

  3. Could be all kinds of surgery but yea she looks pretty nice. Must be remnants of ancient Whites which is weird considering they are of Muslim stock. The Christians there are more White, less Arab and more Greek and Roman.

  4. We have to humanise these people that the jews lie about constantly. I shared these kitschy photos repeatedly.

  5. G-Man says:

    Yeah pretty sure that’s the case. The Alawites are Muslim as you say (apparently) but Assad makes a big show of protecting the Christian sites and traditions in Syria.

    In some shots his wife looks Scottish; I know a Scottish lady who looks a lot like her. I like the high forehead + deep set eyes combo.

  6. Wait, I thought we liked Assad. Out of all the shitheads in the ME, he seems like the last one,to be a total fucktard. :thinking:

  7. Assad is a good guy. No sense in attacking him.

  8. G-Man says:


    Personally, I’ve always liked Assad, based on all interviews I’ve seen.

    If he did kill some of his own people they probably deserved it for being towelhead niggers, or he just went overboard because he’s a Doctor, not a dictator!

  9. Please stop with this “white Middle Easterners” bullshit; they are Northern Levantines, and so they are naturally lighter from time to time.
    The foreign input is minimal; as you can clearly see in the pictures above, her other relatives have light brown skin, black hair, and dark eyes.
    The genotype is different, and that’s all that matters in regard to determining who’s white, and those who are truly white in modern times are all European or descended from Europe, with no outside admixture.

  10. Anecdotal evidence from daily life: a mom and pop laundry business next to where I live is owned and operated by a Christian Middle Eastern family.

    The parents have white skin, almost pale lol, but Anatolian/Eastern Med bodies and faces.

    The two brothers (their children) who also work there are a funny pair:

    • the eldest one looks huhwhite to me, could easily pass for Greek, southern Balkanic or southern Italian. His skin is actually whiter than a good deal of Greeks or southern Italians I’ve seen, to be quite honest.
    • his younger brother though…didnt win at the DNA lottery. You could tell me he was a Paki, straight from Islamabad, I’d believe it. Dark skin, long and hooked nose… the lot.

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