Based Yellow Vests Launch Robin Hood Campaign to Destroy Speed Cameras

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 12, 2019

Going into the weekend, I feel that it’s my duty to hype up the Yellow Vests.


Members of the “yellow vests” protest movement have vandalised almost 60% of France’s entire speed camera network, the interior minister has said.

Christophe Castaner said the wilful damage was a threat to road safety and put lives in danger.

The protest movement began over fuel tax increases, and saw motorists block roads and motorway toll booths.

Some protesters feel speed cameras are solely a revenue-generating measure which takes money from the poor.

The BBC’s Hugh Schofield, in Paris, said evidence of the vandalism is visible to anyone driving around France, with radar cameras covered in paint or black tape to stop them working.

Talk about choosing a popular target!

Honestly, I have nothing but praise for the Yellow Vests. They’re hitting all the right targets. Stuff everyone hates and can get behind.

Next, they’ll target the French DMV equivalent.

Speed limits in France were already controversial after the government lowered the limit on many main roads from 90km/h to 80km/h (50mph) early last year.

That’s just inhumane.

I can see it now – in the future dystopia, speed limits will be made lower still to 60km/h.

Protesters angry about the increase in fuel taxes complained of the rising costs of a commute for those priced out of living in urban centres – and turned their ire on other costs such as toll roads and speed cameras. 

Yeah, you really need to be able to hit at least 60 mph to hit peak fuel efficiency.

And speed cameras are against human rights.

The sheer amount of resources that the state spends on collecting revenue from car drivers is just absurd.

America needs some of that.

This is Project Mayhem type stuff from Fight Club.

France doesn’t deserve to be made fun of anymore.

Mad props all around.