Based Poles Ban Harry Potter Books; Burn Them in Pit For Lulz

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 2, 2019

Poland is on a banning spree.

So far, they’re 1-1 if you’re keeping count at home. That’s one good banning and one bad banning.

They banned Jared Taylor the other day. And because they banned him, he’s also banned everywhere in the EU until 2021.

But the based Poles almost made up for their cuckery with this Harry Potter stunt.


Catholic priests in northern Poland have burned books they consider to be sacrilegious, including ones from the Harry Potter boy wizard series.

An evangelical group, the SMS from Heaven Foundation, published pictures of the burning – which took place in the city of Koszalin – on Facebook.

They also show an elephant figurine and a tribal mask burning on the book pile.

African tribal masks are literally demonic. Did nothing wrong/10.

The Facebook post justifies the bonfire with Bible quotes condemning magic. The group sends Christian messages via SMS.

There isn’t really a bad reason for banning Harry Potter.

First of all, it’s pleb-tier. So fuck that shit.

Second of all, it’s plagiarized to hell and back.

Third of all, an ugly whore wrote the series. 

Fourth of all, she keeps retroactively making her characters black and gay.

Fifth of all, Poland has The Witcher series so if the kids want magic and fun, they can read something more patriotic.

Sixth of all, Harry Potter is a faggy main character and doesn’t instill masculine virtues in young kids.

No more reasons come to mind at the moment of his writing.

But I’m sure I’ll think of more.

But this is actually a really fake and gay PR stunt that is going to have a negative effect.

The liberals and the Jews and the faux conservatives in the government are just going to feel embarrassed and have a reason to cuck even harder. That’s what “conservatives” do when they get elected, by the way. Whether it’s Kurtz in Austria banning Generation Identitaire and harassing Martin Sellner or Jeff Sessions’ zealous condemnation of the Alt-Right or Poland banning Jared Taylor – they feel like they need to cuck to prove how reasonable they are.

None of it helps. The Jew media is relentless. If you’re going to give them ammo, may as well do something actually based and not just burn Harry Potter books like a neanderthal.

Besides, Harry Potter is really old news. Until you’re banning pop music, Netflix and Instagram in your country, you’re not being serious about stopping cultural subversion. Why don’t these priests start doing something to stop literally millions of young Polish men and women moving en masse to the ghettos of Western Europe? What about doing something to stop the browning of Warsaw? What about burning down the poz’d universities in libshit towns like Poznan so that the mind parasite of liberalism is stopped in its track?

Tired of people clowning around. These fools need to get serious. All of them.

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  1. Jay says:

    Notice they did not burn The Lord Of the Rings by JRR Tolkien.
    Why, maybe because
    Tolkien was a traditional Catholic and his books have this woven into it.
    The Wizards in his book are not really wizard, but are Angelic beings sent by the supreme being(God) to help man free them selves from the forces of darkness.
    Heroic deeds are done and good examples are set.

  2. Harry

  3. Burning Rowling’s books is the equivalent of cleaning up graffiti.

    Dear God… They are so bad.

  4. They should add the Twilight series to that firepit, along with the overhyped slush from niggress N. K. Jemisen.

    EDIT: I stand partially corrected. They were burning Twilight books in that pit.

  5. Fantasy books prior to Babyboomers: you have to sell your soul, damning yourself to an eternity of suffering with no hope for redemption, or literally give up your first born child if you want magical powers. You’ll pay dearly in the future for temptations in the present. It’s the eternal human struggle of time preference and self sacrifice.

    Fantasy books now: you were born special, better than everyone else. It’s luck of the draw; some got it, some don’t.

  6. I read every single book, I can attest to the fact that they deserve to be burned.

    Btw lads, burned a copy of Elie Weisel’s Night while I was burning trash. Found it while helping my uncle clean the house.

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