BASED New Conserva-Thot Ready to Continue RaHoWa Legacy of Lauren Southern!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 16, 2018

As many of you know, Lauren Southern was sort of a pioneer in this field.

The magic formula she cooked up is pretty simple and easily replicated. Here, let me lay out the steps for you.

  1. Be a 7/10 or higher.
  2. Invest in a camera crew/get a Jew to fund a camera crew for you
  3. Go to liberal rallies, trigger said liberals
  4. Post the ensuing chaos online
  5. Watch the views and adoration pour in
  6. Profit.

This new girl is waaaay better than Lauren though.

Three reasons come to mind:

  1. She’s got a gun
  2. She’s not Canadian
  3. She fat-shames even though she herself is fat

It’s funny AF. She goes up to liberals, fat-shames them and then threatens them with her gun.

Very nice.

What makes the Top Thot, however, is her openness about her willingness to date mestizos and BASED non-Whites.

I like that kind of honesty up front.

As we all recall, Southern was cagey about fucking niggers.

This new BASED thot chose the perfect time for her new viral thot campaign.

Lauren has decided to move on from the street journalism and stopped uploading Youtube videos. She says she’s going to make serious documentaries now.

Meanwhile, Faith Goldy (#1 of all based thots 💖💖💖) is running for mayor in Toronto.

And idk about the rest, I didn’t really ever follow any of the others, but they don’t seem to be doing anything.

The country is begging for a new queen to arise and take up the thot-activism where the others left off!

She’s got the market cornered. 

And her calls to allow guns on college campuses are lulzy AF as well.

With all those unhinged students running around high on Adderall and Marxism, she’s basically calling for weapons to be handed out to the youth wing of the Neo-Bolsheviks.

Which, I am all for. 

Fighting for the rights of crazies to run around campus for four years and shoot each other up will make great AgitProp for our side. Once they run all the conservatives off campus (already de facto accomplished in many places), they’ll start shooting one another over minor disagreements. Think Maoist-Leninists vs Anarcho-Trotsky-Syndicalists… or some other made-up goofy shit.

And never forget that they’re rioting in the streets pretty much all the time since Trump won the election in 2016.

Clearly, this chick has a big brain and is thinking several steps ahead.

She even took my advice and got herself a Beaner Beacon ™ to keep herself safe from coppers and Communists trying to accuse her of racism and arrest/assault her.

I like that.

This girl is thinking long-term, here. RaHoWa isn’t going to start itself, bucko. But luckily, we have Kaitlin to start it for us.