Based Italian Football Club Faces Backlash for Making Thots Useful

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2018

Molto bene.

Cheerleading was successful because everyone likes to see cute girls doing funny stuff, bonus points when they’re cheering for you.

This Italian club kicked it up a notch by also making the girls do something directly useful to the game’s mechanic.


After replacing their ball boys with girls dressed in very short jeans and tight tops, Italian Serie C club, Virtus Vicenza, have been heavily criticised.

The Patriarchy is back with a vengeance.

Italy is showing us the way.

Skanks hard at work.

The underage girls are all players of the U16 Anthea Volley Vicenza volleyball team and their clothes advertised Diesel – the clothing brand, owned by Renzo Rosso who also owns the football team.

They look pretty good, by the way.

Girls are happy when they look good and get attention.

See? They love it.

“It was an initiative for the visibility of women’s sport,” the club announced.

“It was not meant to expose girls to undeserved criticism.”

We all know the majority of women’s sports is boring. Nobody wants to see them play because they’re just not on the level. The Italian club has no problem acknowledging this and made a move that will benefit both male and female athletes… by making the girls do what girls like the most: get attention.

Who’s against this, though?

Certainly not men.

Most certainly not cute girls.

It’s always ugly old fat wormmen putting themselves between men and hot girls.

“Clothing worn by the girls is the one commonly used in adolescents’ everyday life.”

The volleyball team’s statement also followed the same line.

Of course it is. Only people far removed from reality would think otherwise, which makes this whole “controversy” even more ridiculous.

We’ve walked the streets.

We saw.

“We are disappointed by the excessive media exposure and convinced by the goodness of the initiative, whose spirit is none other than to promote ties between two disciplines separated by their type of game,” it read.

Thots are just thoting, they don’t get what’s wrong with it. In this case, though, that’s not a consequence of female’s reduced cognitive ability but a legit concern because there’s nothing wrong with it.

“In case of repeating the collaboration we will do it in a way that takes into account the sensitivities of every fan.”

aaaaaaaaaaand it’s ruined already.

How about the sensitivities of the fans that liked the initiative, huh?

Tantrum culture is one of the most retarded things in this century.

It used to be common sense that you can’t please everyone and that you shouldn’t stop doing what you like to do because someone might get offended. But huge nostrils with humanoids attached behind them have swung the pendulum so far in the other direction that now a huge sector of the population thinks you shouldn’t even open your mouth if someone takes offense at the particular arrangement of noises you want to make with it.

Really, what would our great-grandparents think of the world now?

What would they think of us?


Girls shouldn’t be whores.

They shouldn’t dress like whores.

They shouldn’t invade male spaces.

But they do.

That’s what these last hundred years or so of empowerment has achieved.

Wearing shorts on a football game is pretty lite compared to the things teenage girls are doing nowadays, so this seems like a weird place to take a stand against whoredom.

…because it’s a stand against the Patriarchy.

It’s male nature to make stuff useful. To optimize. To create.

They want to be stupid whores? Okay. But they’ll be useful stupid whores that will get the balls and help their club, and possibly get married young to a football player instead of spending their youth being community property.

That’s the way of the New Rome Thot Patrol.

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