Based Frenchman Deconstructs Jordan Peterson’s Cucking

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2018

All of these e-celebs have left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Most of them are total cucks and/or freaks.

I mean people think that the Alt-Right is full of freaks, but that’s not true. The Alt-Right is full of outcasts. There’s a difference.

So the dichotomy goes like this:

  • the Alt-Right is full of outcasts, not freaks
  • the Alt-Lite is full of freaks, not outcasts

Which says a lot about society. The West is totally fine with freaks doing their own thing, in fact, it’s encouraged. But god forbid that young White men should band together to secure their interests. THAT’S the real threat that must be punished.

a drag queen= not a serious threat

Anyways, to counter the legions of pompous twits with British accents, the Alt-Right had to turn to a man of science with an overpowering French accent.

If British accents = intelligent professor in most normies minds. Then French accents = supreme critic in most normies minds as well. In other words, French accent>British accent. The French accent can always out-critique the British one.

JF has some really good analysis of Jordan Peterson’s body language and the implications of his refusal to talk about Solzhenitsyn’s critique of the Jews in this video.

I had never considered this before, but seeing Jordan Peterson as an actor and a performance artist really changes the way I view the guy. Not only that, but JF’s argument that the only thing preventing Jordan Peterson from acknowledging White group rights and the JQ are his own mental boundaries.

Listening to members of the Jordan B. Peterson cult, you might think that the guy was a sort of Christ figure. Like he was taking the sins of the world on his shoulders or something.

Now, after JF’s analysis, I just see it all as an acting prop. A cheap shtick to make normies think he’s deeper and more father-like than he really is.

The illusion in my mind is shattered, and I can see him clearly for the over-hyped Boomer that he is.

Great stuff, JF.

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  1. _DH_ says:

    Can’t believe how anyone can be stupid enough to follow this guy JP.

    I’d love to see someone do a version of this little piece of bullying from pro wrestling - “Bully Ray” taunting another guy. But with slightly different wording:

    Simply replacing the punchline:

    “You’re a loser…”
    “You’re a fraud”…
    “You’re probably the biggest disappointment I’ve ever seen”
    “You’re so big of a disappointment… YOU MIGHT AS WELL BE A FAN OF JORDAN PETERSON!”

  2. Jordan Peterson is afraid to become a social pariah if he started to address the Jewish question, and/or he doesn’t want to even think about it because he’s afraid of what he might find.

  3. I will never clean my room again.

  4. Jordan Peterson should get the Ben Garrison treatment.

  5. Outside of a couple of early videos, when he was taking on a bunch of rabid trannies, fags, and muh pronouners, I always thought this guy was a drama-major style cuck… He served a purpose for a while, but his value has been spent…

    I don’t dislike him anymore than I dislike a dull saw, that had a function at one time, his being moving the OW slightly to the right with couple good parries against some fags and trannies… But like a now dull saw, a used up tool, he has fulfilled his usefulness…

    If he now begins to hinder our progress, well then he needs to get the Kraut and Sargon treatment…

    Or, he can re-purposed himself, by becoming totally Red Pilled about Race & the JQ… and telling truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…

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