Based Bulgarian Fighter in Trouble For Kissing Wahman After Fight

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 26, 2019

A heterosexual man is in trouble for kissing a woman. This is where we’re at now, folks.

Sexual liberation? 

Give me a break, we’re not getting any sexual liberation here. Sex is harder than ever to come by. And now a kiss is rape or whatever. It’s sexual degeneracy that we’re getting here. Heterosexuality is being criminalized… unless it is inter-racial or bestiality (but I repeat myself).

Heterosexual promiscuity is way down. Degenerate shit is way up.

The Sun:

Heavyweight boxer Kubrat Pulev has been slated for forcefully kissing a female reporter on the the lips during his post-fight interview.

The bloodied Bulgarian, 37, grabbed Jenny Sushe after she asked him whether he deserves the chance to fight Tyson Fury.

She asked: “If Tyson Fury gets through Tom Schwarz, do you think you should have a shot?”

He immediately replied “yes” before he put his hand on her chin and kissed her on the lips.

The unsuspecting interviewer awkwardly laughed it off, but furious fans on social media have called for her to press charges.

The bitch loved it.

One said: “Very weird guy. The whole interview he was very creepy. She should press charges.”

“He needs to be questioned before the media and held accountable. Disgusting man, they can’t keep getting away with this sickening behaviour.”

While one Twitter user said: “That’s got to be one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen in ages.” 

I bet he got a chubby seeing this though:

Meanwhile, heterosexual prudishness is on the rise.

I am convinced that most women aren’t even into sex, they’re into attention. Social media gives them that attention. It gives them more attention than any one man could or would even want to give. With the government giving them free money and the internet giving them free attention, they won’t need men before men won’t need women, and that’s a sad reality we have to face here.

Also, to all the disingenuous Boomers out there telling young men to “man up” and “just be ALPHA!!!”, I’d sure like to hear your take on this.

Was this guy not alpha enough? 

Fuck you. The wahmen problem can’t be solved through any internet chest-beating rituals or through mocking younger generations.

It only gets solved when we fix our SICK anti-White and anti-Male society.

That means the following needs to happen:

Jews ====> Ovens

Women ====> Kitchens and cages

Boomers ====> Retirement Home Death Camps

Young White Men of Good Character ====> Imperial Legion Boot Camp

Journalists ====> Penal Mining Colonies on the Moon/Mars/Moons of Saturn

Me ====> Promotion and Shiny Badge to Show Off to the Birds at Local Watering Hole

Only once we implement all these measures will normalcy return and will older generations have the right to tell younger men about the benefits of “manning up.”

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