Steve Bannon’s Secret Alt-Right Jedi Academy REVEALED!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 4, 2019

Bannon has been busy while in exile.

He has acquired a monastery fortress in the Italian countryside that he plans to retrofit into a Jedi Judeo Knight Academy.

Bannon got the idea from Richard Spencer, who, as we all know, became famous when he coined the term “White ISIS” and attempted to create a similar right-wing terrorist training camp in America.

So, if it’s anything like the original Alt-Right program, the curriculum will include mind control techniques, honor dueling and the efficient management of alcoholism.

Unlike the Alt-Right, however, Bannon wants to add Kabbalistic dark magic to the curriculum. He stresses this when he talks about the importance of teaching “JUDEO-Christian values” at the academy.

Financial Times:

Since being ousted from his position as White House chief strategist in 2017, he has shifted his attention to Europe, helping launch the Brussels-based The Movement, a rightwing think-tank to support nationalist, anti-establishment groups.

With European Parliament elections to be held later this month, Bannon is attempting to reinvent himself as Europe’s high priest of populism, uniting nationalist parties in shared opposition to immigration, progressive liberal values and the EU itself. Drawing on his expertise in polling, messaging, slogans and data targeting, he has toured European capitals touting himself as a mentor to a new breed of “strongmen” such as Italy’s deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini and Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban.

While a number of Europe’s rightwing leaders have sought to keep Bannon at arm’s length, in Italy, his Christian-centric, pro-family (and vehemently anti-abortion) message has chimed with ultra-conservative Catholics. With their help, he is finalising preparations for the opening of an alt-right academy, in a monastery in the mountains above Anagni.

Bannon plans to turn this unlikely location into the centre of a European network of finishing schools for ultra-conservatives. The Academy of the Judeo-Christian West will, Bannon claims, serve as an incubator for nationalist leaders of the future.

The only people that can foil Bannon’s bold Judeo agenda are the Sith Lords who have rejected the way of the Judeo and strayed from the light of Ronald Reagan.

They are always lurking in the shadows, just waiting to convert his disciples from the Kosher side of the force to the side of Hate.

Darth Plagius the Wise did nothing wrong

Clearly, the Sith-Right has to infiltrate this Judeo-Jedi training compound and begin converting Bannon’s earnest disciples. And just as there is a Judeo/Sith split, there is also a rebel scum alliance trying to meddle in matters that do not concern it.

Roccasecca is part of a motley alliance of anarchists and nonne, local civil servants and housewives, politicians and eco-warriors who hope to frustrate Bannon’s ambitions in Italy. The location of the academy in the monastery at Trisulti, a former Carthusian charterhouse buried in oak forests on a mountainous ridge, is particularly contentious, they say, given the core Christian values of compassion and love, and Pope Francis’s repeated calls for Roman Catholics to protect migrants and refugees.

With a centuries-old medicinal herb garden and pharmacy, and a library of more than 30,000 books, many relating to early medicine, the monastery represents knowledge and culture, says Roccasecca.

Pictured here

“For us, Trisulti is a special place, key to the cultural identity of the area,” she explains, sitting at the kitchen table where she bottles and preserves her chillies and jams, her favourite Jack Russell barking at her feet. “You have to respect the history of the place, you cannot give it to those who have the opposite ideology.”

The rebels’ goal is local — blocking Bannon’s personal European project from opening on the holy ground of the monastery — but they see themselves as foot soldiers in an ideological showdown that is playing out across the globe. “Trisulti is becoming the centre of the worldwide struggle against fascism and nationalism,” Roccasecca says. 

The rebels need to be destroyed.

All that remains is to decide who will do it. I say, let Bannon prove his chops.

Also, I wish I had Bannon’s life. Running around Europe and LARPing as an evil Neocon Darth Vader wasn’t on the career aptitude test.

He is a Judeo Master.

I plan to enroll in Bannon’s academy to learn from the Kosher Lord himself.