TEXAS IS OURS Ft. Azzmador LIVE in Austin: Event Over

Daily Stormer
June 16, 2017


Anglin here.

This was glorious.

This is the first time I really felt it, in my soul, that this is all coming together exactly as we planned it. This was a real life Alt-Right event, where proud white men got up and talked about Jews and their hordes without any reservation whatsoever.

Azz was wonderful, Sacco was glorious, Mike was fantastic.

Oh, and Johnny was there also.

I think I missed Wooderson. My stream kept dropping out and I was managing some other stuff. Anyway, I’m going to watch the whole thing over again and I’d advise you all to do the same. I’m telling you: this was powerful. I will remember this for the rest of my life.

The was a game changer.

I am announcing it now: the game has changed.

We are now playing an entirely new game.

No antifa showed up and they’re not going to. That little faggot prancing pony shit they were doing does not work when you have guys in shape and organized and Sacco Vandal ready to rip some faggot bike lock goatee lad’s jugular open with his teeth.

Get on the Book Clubs board and start organizing. We’re going to have the threads organized better next week, but right now you can go on there and find your town or make one for your town.

We now have boots on the ground.

This is the dawn of new era.

You should rejoice that you are alive to witness it.

Sacco Vandal. Year 2187. Orbiting Proxima b. Preparing to say hello to the locals. 

Hail Victory.


Anglin here. This is great. Seriously, watch this stream. This is history happening right now, right on your livestreams.

Original article follows.

Enjoy the live stream of what is sure to be a stellar event!

Azzmador joins Mike Enoch, Johnny Monoxide, Sacco Vandal, Wooderson, and Vanguard America on the Capitol Grounds of Austin Texas!

Statement from Vanguard America:

In Austin, Texas a movement of like-minded whites are banding together to fight off the diseased hordes of anti-white, anti-fascist, communist scum parasitizing and subverting the good denizens of Bat City. In a rare act of unification, groups such as The Right Stuff, Daily Stormer, Vanguard America, Traditionalist Worker’s Party, Anti-Communist Action, and other unaffiliated peoples will converge as one as we push back against the Climate of Hate. Covering border security, immigration, Confederate history, and the suppression of Marxism, this quickly upcoming event will be a show of force for our people.

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  1. This is interesting because I keep hearing that the governor down in Texas is hardcore. By cuckservative standards at least. So in principle, he implicitly aligns with a lot of our issues.

    But can he afford to take sides with these “neo-Nazi White Supreeeeeeemists”?

    Considering that the opposition wants to destroy everything he loves and cherishes, can he afford NOT to?

    Events like this one force the issue. The normies have to recognize that, at a minimum, we’re their best allies. And at a maximum, normies realize they can’t stay in the center forever. So will they choose fash, which will preserve their people, heritage and traditions? Or will they choose globalism, open borders and anti-White hordes?

    There isn’t a third choice.

  2. “Get Um Boys”

  3. Sure, any excuse to not put out another Krypto Report…!

  4. Whose genius idea was the white shirts…tucked in…and khaki pants??? A uniform for white people. Respectable yet still ready to lay the smack down. They look sharp, intelligent, and non threatening. The kind of thing everyone in America can get behind…very savy whoever you are? I’m going out and buying mine today…with my jet black NB kicks.

  5. (UPDATE: Texas built with the BLOOD, SWEAT and Brains of the White Man, We have to fight to the death to keep the jew,commies,traitor politicians from GIVING IT AWAY to subhuman invaders)

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