Azealia Banks Says Jews are Racist, She Won’t Ever Go Back to Israel

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 14, 2018


If Jews hate black people, fine.

Who doesn’t?

The problem I have is that it is the Jews who are telling all of us that it is evil to hate black people.

Jerusalem Post:

After her concert in Tel Aviv on Monday night, America rapper Azealia Banks swore she would never visit Israel again after how she was treated.

“I will never ever ever ever ever go to Israel again,” she tweeted on Tuesday. “I love my fans but y’all gonna have to fly out to come see me because y’all country is nuts.”

The account that tweeted that is now deleted.

She tweeted it from here “@cheapyxo” account, which is an account for her skin care product company… her personal account has been banned from Twitter since 2016. For homophobia and calling some Paki a sand nigger.

Honestly, I don’t even understand how this bitch is allowed to be famous. She also endorsed Trump.

I guess just because she’s nuts. She also talks about how America is white supremacist and before going to Israel and getting treated like a nigger she defended the country and said BDS was anti-Semitic…. so she doesn’t have like, coherent political positions.

“I love my fans but the people in Tel Aviv are really very rude,” she wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. “The folks at the hotel, in restaurants, at the grocery store treated me with such disregard I really didn’t enjoy my time here. The show was great tho.” She said she didn’t “get paid enough to put up with the social culture in Israel” and would only come back “for some real money.”

But after Banks had an unpleasant flight home, she vowed that she wouldn’t be back at all, despite the love for her fans.

“The people at security deliberately took extra long to search my things clearly because I am black,” he wrote. “I had an escort with me and everything… they still held me up while I watched a bunch of white folk move past me quickly and get to their gates on time.” She added that a woman on her flight screamed at her about her carry-on bag: “It was so racist I sat in my seat and cried.”

Israel is legit the most racist country in the world.

They keep black people in barb wire concentration camps.

Again – whatever.

But look: don’t buy this bullshit about how there are two kinds of Jews – liberal and Israeli racist.

All of the anti-white hate groups forcing niggers down our throats support Israel. Both the ADL and the SPLC support Israel, and say that criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism, as Israelis slaughter their brown neighbors and abuse negress rappers.

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