Awesome New Medieval Game Causes Butthurt Because of Total Lack of Niggers

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
February 14, 2017

How could these racist developers be so ignorant as to think the Holy Roman Empire was White?

Outside of the Witcher series (from Poland), most medieval and fantasy games made these days feature an abundance of nig-nogs, chinks and Arabs. All in the name of “diversity,” of course.

After all, we wouldn’t want the goyim to think for a second that there was ever a period of time when they weren’t completely flooded with brown people, and thus that the current situation is abnormal somehow.

But the good people at Warhorse Studios bucked the trend and offered a truly historical experience, which incidentally means that there isn’t a single non-White in the entire game.

And the best part: the game actually looks like it’s really good.

PC World:

It was a triumphant moment when I finally bought a sword in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Here I was, Henry the blacksmith’s son, one of the few survivors of the attack that burned my home village of Skalitz to the ground, a man with little money and even fewer prospects, assistant to a C-tier lord in the Holy Roman Empire—and I could finally afford my first sword. Not even a proper longsword, mind you, but something called a “hunting sword.” Still, I strapped it to my side with all the pride befitting a peasant who ever-so-slightly increased his social status in class-centric Medieval Europe.

No dragons, no elves, no darkies.

Another thing: you can only play as a man, and the society is rigidly patriarchal. This ain’t no wench simulator.

I bring it up because it’s indicative how different Kingdom Come: Deliverance ($60 on Steam) feels from other RPGs. There, you’re usually the chosen one, destined to save the world. Here, I’m over 20 hours in and I’m basically a glorified intern-in-armor. I spent a whole day carrying some spoiled noble’s equipment out to the woods so we could hunt rabbits. Since then, my biggest responsibility is solving the murder of some no-name peasants and their horses in a backwater village with only four or five homes.

I also drank myself senseless with a priest, then delivered a sermon barefoot the next morning. You could say that was a low point for Henry. Probably.

To make matters worse, the society is portrayed as piously Christian.


NPC’s discuss papal issues and complain about heretics and heathens. They also greet each others in Christian fashion.

This is so offensive to atheists and Moslems!

Needless to say, the SJW crowd is not happy about this.

New Normative:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is coming out this month. That struck me as sort of weird, given that February is Black History Month, and Deliverance has failed utterly to include any people of color (PoC) in their white man power fantasy game. Surely, a development team that touts itself as being dedicated to “historical accuracy” in their game would have done some simple research. Surely the head developer at Warhorse Studios would never have done something as skeezy as responding to valid criticisms with xenophobic tweets!

Wow this guy is a straight-up Nazi.

The retards whining about this nonsense have some pretty comical arguments about why there should be niggers in 15th century Bohemia.

This is a game about knights, right? Among the various armored men swinging swords at one another, it would probably be easy to include a few PoC.I’ve even provided a basis for a historically accurate character design! The image above is identified as Saint Maurice, a Theban martyr venerated as a patron saint of the Holy Roman Emperors. Saint Maurice appears in art from as early as the 10th century. Often, as above, he’s bearing the Imperial coat of arms. So, historically speaking, medieval Europeans had no problem with the concept of PoC serving in their knightly orders.

Top kek.

How to even address this?

  1. Saint Maurice didn’t live in the middle ages, or in Bohemia. He was a 3rd century Roman soldier.
  2. He wasn’t a nigger, but an Egyptian from Thebes. He would possibly have been described as “dark skinned” by Romans at the time, so it’s not surprising if painters A THOUSAND YEARS LATER would draw him as an African by mistake.
  3. He was probably not even real.

Not to mention that artists from other times and places just drew him as a European.

Anything else?

Taking place in 15th century Bohemia means that Deliverance will coincide with the early days of Jan Hus at Charles University in Prague. Europe’s early universities were among the most ethnically diverse locations on the continent. This would be an ideal site for historically accurate representation.

Yeah, they had people from various European nations come and study there. Not African tribesmen or Moors, ffs.

The above image is by Theoderic of Bohemia, a 15th century scholar and artist who had no qualms about portraying Saint Jerome with a darker skin tone. Historically, it looks like medieval folk were pretty comfortable with the idea of PoC in the academic sphere, as well.

Saint-Jerome was an Eastern-European priest, and once again, he didn’t even live in medieval times, but in antiquity (4th century). He definitely wasn’t a nigger either. This isn’t even controversial.

The only non-Whites you’d ever see in Bohemia at that point in time would be Turkish invaders, and these wouldn’t exactly be integrated in society, but would simply be treated like the hostile force that they were.

Some actual mainstream media outlets are actually calling for a boycott over this.

This game wasn’t developed by a major studio, but instead got backing with a crowd-funding campaign. There’s little doubt that if these guys would have been published by EA, Activision or Ubisoft, they’d have been pressured into incorporating brown people into the game at all costs.

I’d recommend anyone interested in authentic European history and role-playing games pick up Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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  1. “A yo kinsman. Bix nood. Where art da white maidens an’ sheeeiit?”

  2. I don’t think my potato can even run this, but I’m buying it anyway.

  3. Amalek says:

    The developers of this game are good guys, the project leader has regularly been spotted wearing Alt-right themed t-shirts, and they refused to give in to the faggots infesting their forum during development demanding buggery be included in the game.

  4. The truth is racist. It’s a hate fact.

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