Lee Rogers

#WHITEGENOCIDE Graffiti Declared as “Racist” Hate in Ridiculously Biased Local News Report

Daily Slave April 5, 2015 WIAT a local television news station out of the Birmingham, Alabama area recently did a report on graffiti that says “#WHITEGENOCIDE.”  Their news report consisted of an interview with some local Negro resident and an interview with the subversive White hating Jew Mark Potok from the SPLC.  They did not include any commentary from anyone ...

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White Males Dominate List of Culturally Significant Historical Figures Determined by MIT Study

Daily Slave March 29, 2015 Interesting commentary here from CofCC discussing how MIT used Wikipedia to determine the most culturally significant historical figures of all time.  The data was collected from everywhere around the world so information was analyzed from people with different racial backgrounds.  Not that this is a surprise, but the vast majority of culturally significant historical figures as determined ...

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Study Claims 73% of Australians Want Recognition for Aboriginals in Constitution

Daily Slave March 29, 2015 I’m not sure why such a large number of Australians would seek this other than them being indoctrinated with stupid Jew propaganda.  A nation state exists for the sole purpose of representing the interests of a single race of people. White Australians built what Australia is today.  Aboriginal people did not build Australia and therefore ...

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