Austria: Syrian Child Refugee from Tunisia Who Killed Elderly Couple for Being FPÖ Voters Gets Life in Prison

Daily Stormer
June 21, 2018

Take notes you filthy goyim – this is the proper way to atone for the Soapocaust

I am absolutely shocked by this.

I can’t believe that, in the country where HITLER was born, it would be illegal to kill White people in CURRENT YEAR.

Especially when they’re proven to wrongvote against HUMAN RIGHTS!


Tunisian migrant Mohamed H. was sentenced to life in a Linz court Monday after being found guilty of murdering an elderly Austrian couple because they supported the populist, anti-mass migration Freedom Party (FPÖ).

The trial of the 55-year-old Tunisian was expected to last several days but unexpectedly the entire process finished the day it began with the conviction and sentencing wrapping up on Monday, Kronen Zeitungreports.

The prosecutor in the case put forward that Mohamed H.’s motive for the crime after he admitted to committing the two murders, was a hate for Austrian society and specifically the fact that the elderly couple supported the anti-mass migration FPÖ.

No… What he did was an act of LOVE for Austria.

Because killing RACISTS is about LOVE, not HATE.

HATE is when you don’t want to kill people for HATE.

Come on people it’s CURRENT YEAR, this stuff should be obvious.

We can learn much about how they deal with wrongthink in diverse countries

The Tunisian, who had been living in Austria since 1989, has previously been arrested for animal cruelty following a complaint from a local FPÖ politician in 2012 and had allegedly blamed the populist party for all of the things going wrong in his life from that point on.

The man knew the elderly couple as he worked as a delivery driver and delivered groceries to them. In late June of last year during his regular deliveries, he hid a knife, a jerrycan, and a stick and approached the home of the couple.

So this man, who had been an Austrian for almost 20 years,  did a complicated and important job just to pay these RACISTS’ pensions – and they’re still gonna put him in prison.

Explain to me how that isn’t proof that Austria is a WHITE SUPREMACIST country.

He first strangled the 85-year-old woman to death, then used the knife and stick to kill her husband. Following the murder, the 55-year-old sprayed petrol around the house and lit it on fire. The bodies of the elderly couple were found shortly after.

If the NEON-NAZI educational system in Austria hadn’t failed this poor child, he would’ve known that just burning stuff up doesn’t really hide that much, and that there are better ways to get rid of evidence.

The case also had an Islamic extremist element to it as the court heard that the Tunisian had praised Islamic State and endorsed terror attacks carried out by the group. The 55-year-old even praised terror leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in court.

Despite his praise for Islamic State, he was found not guilty of affiliation with a terror group.

Ah, the old anti-Islamic CANARD of the Moslem terrorist…

Terrorism has no religion, race or creed except for WHITE SUPREMACY, which is what caused this particular incident to begin with.

If those old RACISTS just hadn’t supported HATE, none of this would’ve happened.

Instead, they chose to be IGNORANT and HATEFUL, and that’s how they got themselves killed.

Let’s hope Europe becomes 100% diverse soon, so things like this never happen again.

That’s the spirit!

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  1. hope that Kurz will bring the death penalty in Austria

  2. Take a look at those protesting the newly elected Austrian government. They are all societal fringe
    dwellers who have nothing to offer their people or their country other than blindly, stupidly and
    ignorantly signalling their ‘virtue.’ Any red-pilled person can see that these retards haven’t thought
    things through and have zero idea of what’s at stake for the future. We all are in control of our emotions,
    good thing because I think we all want to smash their ugly, staggeringly stupid faces in.

    Good. I got that out. Carry on. :sunglasses:

  3. Life in this case probably means 20 years, minus times served with possibility of parole. Out in 15. These people needs to be executed.

  4. You know, as a lark, I decided to look up “canard” in an attempt to learn how it came to be used the way it is. It turns out to be from a quote that doesn’t seem to make any sense:

    In 16th-century France “vendre des canards à moitié” was a colorful way of saying “to fool” or “to cheat.” The French phrase means, literally, “to half-sell ducks.” No one now knows just what was meant by “to half-sell”; the proverb was probably based on some story widely known at the time, but the details have not survived. At any rate, the expression led to the use of “canard,” the French word for “duck,” with the meaning “a hoax” or “a fabrication.” English speakers adopted this “canard” in the mid-1800s.

    But Merriam-Webster also features recent uses of terms (

    Recent Examples of canard from the Web
    And how irresponsible for Abbas — a world leader of sorts — to spew such low-level, garden variety anti-Semitic canards.

    Nicholas Goldberg,, “Mahmoud Abbas’ reprehensible anti-Semitic comments deserve unequivocal condemnation,” 2 May 2018

    Fucking lol.

  5. 47-AM-640x400
    Donald, a educated canard of letters

  6. Remember, goyim:

    1. All Whites are “racist.”

    2. Only Whites can be “racist.”

    3. We must stamp out “racism.”

    4. Any questions?

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