Australia: How is the Alt-Lite Still a Thing?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 14, 2018

Why even bother doing this?

Look, the shirt’s not bad.

Great message. Great meme.

But they just had to go and stick that fuckin’ “we love kikes thing” into the video to prove that they weren’t racist.

That’s so unnecessary.

Like, you don’t have to talk about turning up the gas, but you shouldn’t go out of your way to link White advocacy with support for Israel.

That’s the kind of shit that people call cucking. 

Moderating your message, using language that people are ready to hear, and refusing to sieg heil for the cameras are all examples of good optics.

There’s a difference. Low IQ-types don’t understand the difference, but it is indeed there.

Talking about how based those filthy lying kikes are, is however, just so cringe that I don’t even have words. I just feel bad for the people that go and do that. You’re selling a bit of your soul to the devil everytime that you spew that horseshit. And you don’t even have to do it. Just stay mum on the topic. No one buys your whole “I’m not akshully anti-Semitic” bullshit anyway.

You’re just confusing mentally-challenged boomers and fleecing them, I assume.

It begs the question whether this is all part of the plan or not. That is, to divert feelings of White dispossession into support for Israel. I mean, what else is this video even all about?

Triggering leftists? Any person can get these people to fly off the handle at any time by just sneezing in their general direction. We know that they’re unhinged. We know that they run the universities: the Feminists working with the Gay Mafia, the kikes and the ethnic grievance groups.

And the most important thing is to decouple nationalism from kosher nationalism. Especially in the Anglo world. Because holy shit, the Anglo-Jew alliance thing is the thing of nightmares.

Anyways, I can’t believe we’re still seeing this from the kosher right. I thought it was done. I thought we finished. Gavin McInnes cleared everything up, no?

This whole video stunt seems like something Ezra Levant would pull.

The kid looks like a Jew too.

And naturally, they stuck some bleached blond bimbo next to him to make it more appealing. I can sniff this shit out now, that’s how much the Alt-Lite overdid their shtick in North America.

Here she is with some sandnigger Jew protesting in support of Tommy Robinson.

See what I mean?

Pretty kosher.

I don’t like it, Australia, I don’t like it one bit.

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