Austin Bomber Blew Self Up When Confronted by Police – 24-Year-Old White Male

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 21, 2018

2:40 PM EST

Okay a little bit of information now. Not much.

He was home schooled (I keep telling you people – it leads to anti-social behavior, just do private Christian school).

And in 2012, while attending community college, he wrote a normie-tier conservative blog.

LA Times:

In an old blog under Mark Conditt’s name, started apparently as part of a community college class assignment, the author wrote in 2012 that he was conservative but “not that politically inclined,” writing posts opposing abortion, favoring the death penalty and arguing that gay marriage should be illegal.

“I view myself as a conservative, but I don’t think I have enough information to defend my stance as well as it should be defended,” read the blog’s biography page. “The reasons I am taking this class is because I want to understand the US government, and I hope that it will help me clarify my stance, and then defend it.”

In a post in favor of the death penalty, the author wrote, “Living criminals harm and murder, again – executed ones do not.” The blog’s final post is dated May 2012.

One of Conditt’s former friends, Jeremiah Jensen, 24 — who was home-schooled in Pflugerville and attended the community college at the same time as Jensen — said that Conditt’s blog posts for class were being taken out of context in media reports.

“Certainly a lot of the home-school community in Pflugerville, Texas, is conservative and a lot of kids were raised that way,” Jensen said. “I think a lot of people jump to conclusions and want to make him out to be a conservative terrorist. But I think it has more to do with loneliness and anger than it has to do with anything else.”

Conditt was smart, “straight-laced” and “definitely came off as a little intense, and it was hard for him to get along with people and make friends,” said Jensen, now a freelance journalist living in Dallas. “A lot of people didn’t really understand him or how to speak his language.”

But “he was actually a very kind person, when I knew him,” said Jensen, adding that the two had not spoken for several years.

So what then does that mean? Did he transform into a far-right figure? Or were these acts totally unrelated to politics?

It’s weird they haven’t said. Surely, his entire internet posting career has been combed through, if he had one.

10:16 AM EST

Okay guys, good news.

Pic released.

Doesn’t look like Atomwaffen/Siege at all.

Possibly a religious nut. Or he could be a full-on mad genius-tier Kaczynskite. Although Uncle Ted had logical targets, not just random people.

9:41 AM EST

Okay so the suspect has been named – Mark Anthony Conditt.

This is not one of the people that ProPublica doxed as being Atomwaffen members.

He could be any kind of whackjob, I guess.

9:30 AM EST

So I just realized that John Cameron Denton AKA Rape (pictured below), the leader of Atomwaffen and a Texas resident, is himself 24-years-old.

So that’s certainly interesting.

Daily Beast 3 hours ago (so just about 4 hours after the bomber blew himself up) published an article with our research into Atomwaffen’s satanism.

This is the first time the media has ever mentioned satanism in connection with this group, and it is due to me pressing the issue. So hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, they will be looked at in that light if this turns out to be them.

8:45 AM EST

So, the cops have said it’s a 24-year-old white male. They’ve confirmed that he blew himself up in his car during a confrontation with the police.

I have obviously speculated heavily over the past weeks that this could be the satanic cult pretending to be a Nazi organization “Atomwaffen,” and this description and the end event itself certainly goes along with that.

But there is no reason to just keep speculating when we should know shortly.

6:43 AM EST

The Antifa group “It’s Going Down” has cited me on Twitter saying that I thought this was a “right wing terrorist.” They remove the part about “a fed patsy.” But even in removing that, I don’t really see how pushing the idea that I’ve said this is good for their narrative.

“Fellow neo-Nazis” in this context is literally “fellow white people” tier.


5:13 AM EST

So if this is true, I guess we’ll know in a few hours what this guy’s deal was.

We wait with masturbator’s breath, hoping this isn’t a “neo-Nazi white supremacist.”

Fingers crossed.

NBC News:

The suspect in a spate of bombings across Austin, Texas, has been killed following a confrontation with police early Wednesday, two law enforcement sources told NBC News.

The police, FBI, and personnel with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have been deployed to the section of I-35 where the incident happened, the ATF said in a tweet.

The Austin Police Department described it as an “officer involved shooting” on a section of highway in Round Rock, a city in the Austin metropolitan area.

It happened at around 2 a.m. local time (3 a.m. ET), according to NBC News affiliate KXAN.

The police investigation means the southbound lane of the highway will be closed for the next four hours while the northbound lane will remain open, it said.

Austin has been on edge after a series of package or other bombs detonated across the city over the past few weeks.

The most recent of these occurred Sunday when two people were injured by a device believed to have used a tripwire.

Honestly at this point it looks as though there is more than one bomber.

And if they’re announcing it is this guy, we may never know if there was more than one.

We’ll keep you updated as this unfolds. Check this spot.

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