Atlanta Beanman Kills Newlywed White Woman in Popeyes Chicken Shootout

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 3, 2018

Carlos Rodriguez.

Atlanta… Popeyes… not a black shooter?

Now there’s a bet I would have lost.


A DeKalb County couple were married two weeks ago.

Now, the bride’s sister is trying to find the money to pay for her funeral, and her husband is mourning her death from intensive care.

Teresa Dean told Channel 2 Action News her sister, Alisha Stephens, 35, of Fairburn, and her newlywed husband went to Popeyes for a late-night snack Monday night.

But a teenager with a gun is accused of changing their lives forever by spraying their white Ford truck with bullets around 9:15 p.m. in the restaurant’s parking lot on Panola Road.

“She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, you know?” Dean, trying to hold back tears, told Channel 2 on Friday.

Stephens, who was a mother of three, died after being taken to a nearby hospital. Her husband, who hasn’t been named by police, is in Grady Memorial Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit recovering from seven gunshot wounds, Dean told the news station.

DeKalb police arrested 19-year-old Carlos Rodriguez for allegedly gunning down the couple and a third unnamed person in the parking lot that night. Police haven’t released a motive.

Alisha and Dean Stephens.