Atheist Afghan Granted Asylum in Britain

Daily Stormer
January 16, 2014

Or because they need access to unlimited welfare and White women.
Or because they need access to unlimited welfare and White women.
Please, nevermind the hundreds of thousands of Christians being slaughtered in Muslim countries. What is important is this atheist guy.

I’d wager millions of these savages are going to start claiming atheism in order to get access to the UK.

I wonder if I could get asylum in Britain for being persecuted for being a National Socialist in the US?

From the Daily Mail:

An Afghan man has been granted asylum in Britain because of his ‘human right’ to religion – despite him being an atheist.

He came to Britain six years ago and since then has abandoned his Muslim faith. Now the Home Office have granted him refugee status, because he says he will face persecution if sent home.

His lawyers say it is the first time anyone has been given asylum on religious grounds who is an atheist.

The case was prepared by Kent Law Clinic, which is staffed partly by students studying law courses at the University of Kent’s Law School.

Clinic Solicitor, Sheona York said: ‘We are absolutely delighted for our client. We also want to welcome the prompt and positive response of the Home Office.

‘We believe that this is the first time that a person has been granted asylum in this country on the basis of their atheism.

‘The decision represents an important recognition that a lack of religious belief is in itself a thoughtful and seriously-held philosophical position.’

The 21-year-old man came to Britain in 2007 when he was just 16 years old to escape a conflict involving his family, during which his family home was attacked.

He was brought up as a Muslim but since arriving in the UK he ‘gradually turned to atheism’, his lawyers say.

After arriving in Britain, he attended church to ‘see if Christianity had any meaning for him’.

But legal documents submitted as part of his case state: ‘After a while, he realised that it did not and that he had no religious beliefs.’

His lawyers argued that if he was returned to the war-torn country, he could face the death sentence.

Under Sharia law, he is regarded as an ‘apostate’, because he has renounced Islam. In some Islamic countries, including Afghanistan, this can result in a death sentence.

His lawyers argued that he would be forced to remain discreet about his atheist beliefs if he went back – and was bound to be discovered.

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