Assange has Taken the Red Pill and is Now on Daily Stormer’s Side

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2017

Assange recently tweeted out a link to Anatoly Karlin’s take on the Charlottesville situation.

If you don’t know, Anatoly writes for a site dedicated to HBD and anti-Neocohen foreign policy mostly. As far as Alt-Right sites go, Unz has always somehow managed to avoid being lumped into the whole White Nationalist category, mostly because it has many non-Whites writing for it and probably because its owner, Rob Unz, is Jewish.

But Anatoly has many good pieces about Russia that are worth reading. The article that got tweeted by Assange had a very honest take on the Charlottesville rally that revealed the truth about the events that unfolded.

Now, Assange is a huge free speech activist. He wrote a so-so book which is really just a transcript of his conversations with other free speech activists and hackers called Cypherpunks. It’s a revealing read, but it’s pretty tame overall. The only real highlights are Assange’s views on privacy vs secrecy as well as his anarchist attitude towards the internet and free flow of information.

It is an attitude that many Gen Xers and Millennials have towards the internet, especially on the Alt-Right. We can all agree pretty much 100% with Assange on the importance of a truly free internet.

But since being forced to hole up in the Ecuadorian embassy for almost a decade now, Assange has become an involuntary NEET. And as we all know, NEETs are the most susceptible to the red pill. Think about it. He has had nothing to do with all his free time but browse the far corners of the net. Even those far corners that we call home. Since his ‘house arrest’ Assange has clearly had time to get red-pilled, has been isolated from peers and by extension peer pressure, and now if the man is tweeting articles that explicitly talk about “ZOG” he clearly believes that he is never getting out of that embassy alive.

He could have just made the bland case that this is about free speech. Instead, he just said, “revealing.” And now he gets to enjoy the blue checkmark accounts spamming him with accusations of being a Russian agent. Yes, that’s right. Just like Trump and the Alt-Right, Assange is accused of being a Russian agent.

Assange is many things. He is a victim of Swedish Feminism, a coordinated media smear campaign, and of state repression by ZOG.

Above all else though, he is a True Believer who was willing to put his life on the line exposing Neo-Cohen warcrimes, DNC election rigging and Deep State machinations on the internet. If Assange fully internalizes the red-pill, we will have an international cause celebre of the old Left on our side. It will usher in a new era, where the old anti-Corporate, anti-Globalist and pro-free speech Left will merge with the new, alternative Right.

The potential for crossover within our two communities is huge. Many former Occupy Wall St types have already made the jump. Just check out this personal red pill story published a week ago.

During the Bush years, I marched with leftists and other anti-globalists many times against the Iraq war. Many people still don’t realize or don’t want to acknowledge that the “alternative” in Alt Right was created initially by Richard Spencer as an alternative to the globalist free trade policies and rabid warmongering of the Neoconservatives, who achieved their zenith of power under Bush-Cheney. Motivated by the same antipathy towards predatory finance and globalization, and making common cause with leftists – who even as recently as 2011 were still motivated by such causes as opposition to global corporate power and Zionist imperialist war – I also was present in Zuccotti Park during the birth of the Occupy movement, and I proudly marched in protest past that unholy temple of global finance, the New York Stock Exchange. I had run-ins with the police at OWS, but nothing like what I experienced in Charlottesville.

Many in the old Left are starting to rethink their previous positions. Or rather, they are starting to realize that it is the Left not the Right that is ushering an era of corporate tyranny, globalization and clamping down on free speech.

It must be quite a blow.

But Assange is a man with little left to lose… and he is about to go full madman.

I can feel it.

He can be the one to lead the mass baptism of the old Left into the river Kek and the new faith of the red pill. He just needs…a little push.

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