Ariel Castro’s Neighbor, Also a Mestizo, Charged with Raping and Killing 2 White Girls

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

October 22, 2013

Christina Adkins.  RIP.
Christina Adkins. RIP.

There was another mestizo predator of White women in Ariel Castro’s neighborhood.  Elias Acevedo Sr., 49, of Cleveland, has been charged with raping and killing Pamela Pemberton, 30, and pregnant Christina Adkins, 18.  The two women disappeared in 1995.

Elias Acevedo Sr.
Elias Acevedo Sr.

Ariel Castro, who was keeping White women in his basement as sex slaves, recently masturbated himself to death.  After Castro was caught, police stepped-up missing persons investigations, which led them to questioning Acevedo, who admitted to the killings.

Acevedo was arraigned in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas court on Monday, facing 115 kidnapping charges and 173 rape charges. Beside raping and killing the two mentioned women, he has charges involving two little girls, ages 8 and 11.  He is also facing charges for raping his brother’s wife in 1993, apparently.  Reports are unclear as to why he is only now facing charges for this pile of incidents, which were presumably known about before he was arrested for murdering the two girls.

Pamela Pemberton. RIP.
Pamela Pemberton. RIP.

We need these people out of our country, folks.  Please remind any liberals you come across that the savages themselves are not responsible for these behaviors – they cannot control their savage impulses, and thus are incapable of holding responsibility for anything in the way that Whites are.  The people responsible for the rapes and murder committed by nonwhite immigrants are the White who lobby to allow them in our country.

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