Are the Northern Countries Compassionate? Logic vs. Barbarism

George Papailias
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2016


In my travels outside Greece, primarily in Europe and the United States, I have often pondered the concept of “Compassion”. This is something that Nationalists are accused of lacking, and Anti-Nationalists are said to have an abundance of.

Before I begin, let’s look at the dictionary definition of compassion:

“Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.”

Being Greek, I sometimes take for granted that foreigners understand the meanings of words, and how they relate to logic. Over the years I have realized in my travels that the very word “logic” is interpreted by foreigners  as simply meaning “sounding as it makes sense”. The fact is however that logic in the original Greek concept is a process of reasoning. “Λογική”

Simple examples one can find on the internet The following example of this process is attributed to Aristotle.

– All men are mortal

– Socrates is a man

– Therefore Socrates is mortal.

Put simply, one stated fact can be logically connected to another to form a conclusion.


In this same pattern, one can apply logic to the phenomenon of “Compassionate” Germans, Dutch, Scandinavians etc. The common reasoning for why these people are supporting the flood of millions of violent, false refugees into Europe is as many say because of “altruism” which is based on (what they claim) is a universal form of compassion.

But when logical reasoning is applied, one who is compassionate in the way they claim should therefore have unconditional sympathy and pity for the suffering of people. Example:

– Germany stands for human rights and protection of vulnerable people.

– Providing Human Rights and Protection is Compassionate

– Germans therefore are Compassionate.

However, if one watches what is happening today in Germany, one can see using logical process that the Germans are not universally “Compassionate” in the true sense of the word, yet this is how they describe themselves.

Let me be clear, this does not mean that there aren’t people in Greece trying to help these invaders, but in almost all cases, it is done out of universal compassion combined with stupidity rather than the German reason.

An example of this contrast can be seen in the following video:

In the video above, an old Greek woman being compassionate helped fake refugees until seeing that they were destroying headstones in her village and causing other problems. Thus, this is an example of a universally compassionate person. She exhibits compassion for the immigrants, yet also compassion for the Greeks whos relatives headstones were destroyed.

In the cases seen in Germany or Scandinavia, something entirely different is happening.

“από μικρό κι από τρελό μαθαίνεις την αλήθεια”

“From children and the insane you will learn the truth.”– Greek Proverb

The Norwegian Journalist

Some months ago, I had a conversation with a Norwegian Journalist who considers himself a leftist. Unlike most Greek leftists, he was much more honest in general, admitting that foreigners in his country are committing violent rapes of local women.


I asked him:

“Seeing as how Greeks and other people in the balkans spent centuries in conflict with the very same types of people you are now importing into your country, What makes you think that you will live beside these people in peace? Do you think you are smarter than all the people in the Balkans?”

He nodded yes first, before realizing that he essentially just admitted that he thinks Norwegians are superior to people in the balkans. Then once he realized that could come off as racist, he then avoided the answer and then said:

“Well, I think that Norway should be for everybody.”

So, from his response we can conclude two things.  One is that he thinks his nation is morally superior to Balkan nations that traditionally desire ethno-states. The second is that he has absolutely no compassion for the suffering that people in the Balkans went through.

He went on to tell me that, “We have to continue to try to make Norway an inclusive country”.

I then responded to him with yet another question involving logic and morality:

“So what you are saying is essentially, that in order to keep your little experiment going,the price of having women being raped and murdered is worth it?”

Obviously, while this was a yes or no question, he didn’t want to answer it with a simple yes or no. His response was:

“Well George, when Anders Breivik committed those terrorist attacks in my country, there was talk about enacting more strict laws against expression and association. But we decided not to do that, we concluded that things like breivik are the price we must pay to continue to live in a free society.”


So, his answer while contaminated with flawed logic was essentially yes. Obviously using logic one can see the two solutions he tried to compare are not equal, stricter civil laws cannot be proven to stop terrorist attacks, removing all Muslims from Norway however can indeed stop violent Muslim rape.

He brought up this example in his answer, in order to try to show that people who he considers “right wing” are still morally inferior, despite him being forced to answer Yes.

I then asked him another question:

“Since your motivation is compassion, why do you let these people risk their lives crossing the sea? Why not just fly them directly to Norway instead of putting these people in danger?”

He then replied to me “Well, we don’t want to pay to fly them in, but if they make it to Norway, we will help them.” 

So ladies and gentlemen, when you encounter one of these people in your daily life, do not be afraid to call them out for what they are, sadistic emotionless assessories to murder and rape.

This is being done now in these countries on a massive scale. As was the case in Cologne Germany when an entire police force covered up mass rape. They later admitted it and then the rest of the German people essentially accepted the Governments violation of it’s own laws. Being an accessory to rape, filing false reports and intimidating victims is a crime in Germany. Yet even Germans who take pride in order and law, suddenly forget to enforce it. The race of the rapists would still be irrelevant. Because the largest crime is government officials covering up mass sexual assault. Non nationalists could be in theory pushing for a conviction of the Germans involved but are not.

Some will say that these Germans are doing it merely out of a fear of authority and drive to conform. In human nature most all people would keep quiet to not risk themselves. However not all people claim to be paragons of compassion, tolerance and human rights like these people do. Remember to attack their sense of righteousness when you meet them. You have plenty of ammunition.

Because these people don’t posses the emotion of compassion, they only mimic it.