Antifa Launches Bolshevik Uprising in Portland

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 19, 2017

Yeah not really.

These fuckers just decided to trash their own city to show solidarity with the counter-demonstrators in Charlottesville. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Portland, Oregon? One of the Whitest cities left in North America? Yep, and these scum are mostly White as well. Weed LMAO, Hipsters and Grunge types are so heavily concentrated in these cities that the haze from their BO, vaping and incense candles can be seen from space.

That city creates more smog through recreational smoking than China’s entire plastic smelting industry

These SWPLs are so disconnected from reality they may just launch some sort of communal uprising a la 1848 in France, where effette urbanites and street toughs allied together to blockade the streets and just started living like hippies in Paris.

That is if they can put the bong down long enough. Not likely. Let’s put a face to these protestors.

STOCK PHOTO (Previous Antifa arrests)

Yeah, they’re a good-looking bunch, no doubt about that. But more importantly, these aren’t serious people. They can sperg out from time to time and cause some damage, sure. But they are only allowed to get away with what they are doing because they couch their anarchism in anti-White terms. If they were rebelling against Jewish Supremacy, the police would immediately switch on and put them down like rabid dogs.

It’s only the Alt-Right and White Identity that scares the elites, which is why they have no problem playing footsy with these idiots.

Check out this CNN headline.

This is some Orwell-tier cognitive dissonance.

As it stands now, the police lets them run amok.


Sgt. Jeff Niiya, who has been studying how to handle group protests since Occupy Portland, said each event presents case-by-case variables. The police presence will be minimal Friday, he said, despite past marches and rallies where police in riot gear heavily patrolled the crowds and used tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray to subdue violence.

“I’m giving a lot of trust to them because they say they are going to handle it,” Niiya said. “I told them I hope we can leave the past in the past and have a successful march.”

There you go. Give them space to destroy why don’t you.

The high-point was when they blockaded some bridge.

Regular commuters got stranded and didn’t know what to do.

I’m all for it actually. The rioting, looting and desecration of monuments plays into our hands. With the police not doing their job and Antifa being total cunts, regular people will start turning towards the only people that offer a return to sanity.

That means us, fam.

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  1. Jeez they really are some of the ugliest people

  2. NIGGER! FAGGOT! KIKE! It feels good to be back.

  3. Is potato nigger ok ,I got a little banzt for it in another forum :grin:

  4. The Stormer never dies! Hail victory!

  5. I’m so pissed off about the way the cops will let antifa destroy whatever they want but won’t even give us the right to speak. At least the Stormer’s coming back, it’s only been a few days and we’re already on the bbs again! As soon as the truth gets out this is going to back fire hard on the left.

  6. Just look at this antifa scum. This is what the jews want the goyim to be. These are victims of total jewish brainwashing.

    Poor hygiene.
    Drug addled.
    Disease ridden.

    These poor morons think they are fighting the system when they are really the jew’s goyim army.

    Contrast that to the men of the Alt Right and the NSDAP.

    Clean and well groomed.
    Healthy and fit.
    Drug free.
    Disease free.

    We are the light and they are the darkness. Fuck these commie scum.


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