Antifa Dox of Virginia Podcaster Fails, State Says He Can Keep His Ambulance Job!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2019

Announcing: the first every victory against the antifa dox squad!

The sickening lipless hole-faced weirdo Christopher Matthias of the Huffington Post tried to take down Alex McNabb.

We don’t know what drives Matthias, but it is suspected that a white man stole his lips, so he is taking revenge on the entire white race.

Martinsville Bulletin:

Alex  McNabb, the emergency management technician in Patrick County who had been suspended while state officials investigated sensitive comments he made in a podcast, is a bit closer to returning to active duty.

The Virginia Department of Health’s Office of Emergency Medical Services has found no substantial evidence to support allegations that McNabb, a part-time EMT for the JEB Stuart Rescue Squad, violated EMS regulations prohibiting discrimination in provision of care.

The investigation began after The Huffington Post published an article on Dec. 8 alleging that McNabb, 35, is a frequent co-host of “The Daily Shoah,” a neo-Nazi podcast on which he regularly tells stories about being an EMT, often referring to patients by racist slurs and comparing black patients to animals.


The rescue squad had placed McNabb on unpaid leave, pending the results of the investigation.

Paul Fleenor, a Virginia EMS program representative, wrote in a letter to McNabb dated Feb. 25 that “there is no substantial evidence to support any violation of the EMS regulations. The Office of EMS considers this case closed and no further investigation into this matter will be conducted.

Wren Williams, a squad board member, wrote in an email Friday that McNabb remains on unpaid leave and that the board is scheduled to meet at 4 p.m. March 10 to discuss the next steps.

McNabb responded to an email on Friday by saying he had declined to speak to CNN but might issue a statement.

According to the summary of its investigation, on Nov. 26, 2018, the Virginia Office of EMS received an anonymous online complaint that McNabb’s “‘far right-wing views’ on social media should render him unable to perform as an EMT in Virginia. This was soon followed by national media coverage and multiple other complaints concerning the same issue.”

The “anonymous” complaint was obviously by hole-face or one of his comrades.

No one else gives a fuck about some guy who makes racist jokes on the internet being an EMT in Virginia.

This is all just about a tiny clique of the journalists themselves, backed by the Jews that run this show, attacking people they don’t like and trying to destroy their lives. It isn’t actually journalism, because no one is interested in it. The purpose is not to inform people. They publish things for the purpose of harming individuals they view as a threat to Jews by putting pressure on their employers.

This whole doxing thing has gotten completely out of control, and people need to start suing the journalists themselves. All of these people are political and hate-fueled, and you can easily prove that about them from their public statements. And destroying someone’s life by interfering with their employment because you disagree with their politics is definitely grounds for a lawsuit.

This entire concept that people don’t have a right to say things without being harassed is completely insane. These people will come out and say “freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences” and say that this means that you should have your life destroyed if you disagree with anything the system says. That wasn’t ever the concept of freedom of speech. That is just a different means by which to censor people. If people can’t say things without losing their job, then what difference does it make if the government won’t arrest them for it?

Speech would be freer in America if you just had to pay a fine to the government every time you said “nigger” but the government also protected your employment from being terminated based on your beliefs.

The original idea of free speech as it is represented in the First Amendment was simply “free speech” – not “free speech but journalists will take your job from you if they don’t like what you say.” The concept was that a healthy society allows a full and open debate on political issues – period. There was no caveat of “yeah but you lose your job if it’s not politically correct.”

We are being strangled in this country, and the greasy sonsovbitches in the Republican Party aren’t doing anything about it.

As per that point – hole-face was allowed into CPAC and was harassing people there.

They let this faggot in just to monitor the place for wrong-thinkers. Literally. That is what he was doing there, and the CPAC faggots have him a press pass.

The shut-it-downers of the Chapo Traphouse tranny podcast were there too, according to Christopher Face-Hole.

But who wasn’t allowed?

CPAC is just giving the reach-around to the masters of hole-face.

Who are.

Wait for it.

The Jews. 

None of these people in the government are going to do anything about our rights, so it’s time for people to start pushing back.

The McNabb win is a big win.