Anti-Vaxxers Are the New White Nationalists! Banned From GoFundMe!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 18, 2019

This is insane.

You’re only supposed to be allowed to treat White Nationalists this way.

The Independent:

Anti-vaxxers have been banned from raising money on GoFundMe in an attempt to stop the spread of conspiracy theories and misinformation.

The crowdfunding platform announced it was carrying out a “thorough review” following reports that one campaigner had gathered nearly $80,000 (£60,000) in donations.

Larry Cook, who promoted his fundraising efforts using Facebook adverts, targeted mothers with claims the medical community was covering up baby “slaughter”.

GoFundMe spokesman Bobby Whithorne said: “Campaigns raising money to promote misinformation about vaccines violate GoFundMe’s terms of service and will be removed from the platform.

“We are conducting a thorough review and will remove any campaigns currently on the platform.” 

Just how bad are these vaccines, man?

If the anti-vaxxers are getting hit with the White Nationalist treatment, they must be interfering with some kike plan or another without even realizing it.

This level of censorship is absolutely insane. 

The worst part is that all those SCIENCE! types are going to be totally behind this move to de-platform and censor anti-vaxxers – you just know they are.

No matter what the shill agenda is, these useful idiots will be there, mindlessly parroting it and guffawing at people who have the nerve to doubt the settled SCIENCE!

And I just… I want out. 

I don’t want to deal with these people anymore.

Nothing that you say gets through their thick heads.

They’re so eager to jump on and condemn people for WrongThink no matter what the topic is.

Don’t like Harry Potter? Watch them speechlessly gape at you.

Don’t believe in Black Holes? Heretic.

Why are alternative opinions on Harry Potter and Black Holes suddenly socially-shameable offenses?

And vaccines?

How can anger and hate and censorship be any sane person’s immediate reaction to hearing that someone doesn’t trust the pharma industry?

The sane response, at the very worst, is just, “shine on you crazy diamond” with an emphatic thumbs-up and a tip of the ol’ noggin.

Is Black Hole talk going to be censored and shamed as well? 

We’ve already seen this with pick-up artists – who have all more-or-less become White Nationalists out of sheer spite for the Jews who hounded them underground.

What is the next “Alt-Right adjacent” community that they’re going to go after?

I don’t think that this ever ends. And I don’t think that the SCIENCE!-sipping freaks will ever notice that they’ve become a modern-day death cult anytime soon.

SCIENCE! is wrong and gay and should be banned in any functioning society. 

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  1. salvini is a zionist puppet who, while apparently closing the borders from mudvaders, is subjecting italians to yet more vaccinations. italians are currently obligated to get TWELVE, and if they don’t they can’t go to school, get benefits etc. salvini is making it yet more illegal to not take these evil kike injections.

    so what good is it if your borders are closed but your entire next generation is a bunch of drooling autistic cancer patients? he’s screwing our future just as bad.

  2. black holes are just more swine-ence, kosher porn.

    can we penetrate nigger holes with our circumcised rockets? will we need a diving suit/prophylactic not to be suffocated in it’s pure emptiness? the tomes of cabbalistic jargon i’ll have to buy to convince myself i understand their deliberately abstruse theories will send me to a tent city while schlomo laughs it up good.

  3. i have a theory that if one were to shoot a kike first with small bullets, then working up gradually to higher caliber, that super heebros will be created. all pharisees must be obligated to participate in bullet vaccine programs or face the consequences. even if just one escapes the bullet vaccine coverage, this will annul the whole theory and experiment.

  4. What we need is a vaccine against a (((certain strain of parasite)))!

  5. Indeed.

    jewish Scientism / Pseudoscience and it’s byproducts like vaccines, “modern medicine” / the “modern medical system”, the globe / heliocentrism/ space, etc is ALL FAKE AND GAY…

    The quicker the goyim start knowing about these things the better.

  6. That feeling of rejection when you find out your kikes have a side-bitch.

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