Anti-Semitic Canard: Avenatti Now Blaming Random Jew for Him Getting Arrested for Beating His Wife

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2018

Jacob Wohl: The Jew behind the curtain of you beating your wife.

This Avenatti wife-beater story is the lulziest situation since Kurt Eichenwald. And like that situation, it is just going to keep on giving.

In case you somehow missed it, the most brutal wop since that guy who played Tony’s nephew on the Sopranos was arrested for beating his wife last night.

After getting released on bail and proclaiming his innocence early this morning on Twitter, Avenatti has tweeted more.

He’s saying he’s being falsely persecuted – and he’s coming for the Jew Jacob Wohl.

For those who don’t know, Wohl is an extremist Zionist Jew who supports Trump because there have to be some Jews supporting Trump and trying to convince him to do the Jew agenda in the Middle East and all the major Jew neocons have dropped out (Max Boot, Jennifer Rubin, Joshua Goldberg and Bill Krystol are all active anti-Trump agents and I don’t even know where the rest of the neocon Jews are).

He debated Mike Enoch on US support for Israel a few months ago.

It was kinda boring, but certainly explains fully and completely that there is zero benefit to America in supporting Israel. But I think everyone already knew that. I don’t think people are really aware of the extent to which Jews have absolutely no argument for it though, and that debate certainly made that point clear.

Wohl is only like 20 years old and not really a major figure in anything at all, but he and another guy came out and claimed they had a metoo victim of Robert Mueller two weeks ago and then never produced her.

No news outlet is currently aware of why Avenatti is blaming Wohl for this. It sounds like it could be one of those anti-Semitic canards I hear so much about. Surely, blaming a 20-year-old Jew blogger for being arrested for beating your wife is worse than blaming George Soros for funding the caravans.

Avenatti was literally arrested for beating his wife and there are allegedly pictures of her with bruises all over her face. I don’t know how a Jew could arrange that, unless Wohl dressed up like him using a rubber mask and broke into his house and beat his wife.

Wohl is a weasel, and I wouldn’t put that past him, but the logistics of it seem extremely complicated.

Most likely, Avenatti is just a complete retard and needed someone to blame so he blamed Wohl, who is currently a target of the left because he made this Mueller claim and actually does appear to be lying about that. Wohl might end up getting sued by Mueller, so I guess Avenatti was like “lemme just jump in on this.”

As I’ve said: Avenatti’s best move as an amoral opportunist is to admit to beating his wife and run for Senate as a Republican in Nevada on a platform of legalizing domestic violence. For all of his goofiness, scumbaggery and stupidity, the guy is obviously somewhat masculine and was only on the left for reasons of attempting to exploit a situation.

I will endorse him for Congress if he runs on a platform of legalizing beating women.

Hell, he could even follow through with his plan to run for President in 2020 – as a Republican challenger to Donald Trump!

I can see it now: “Trump grabs women by the pussy – I grab them by the throat and kick em in the pussy!”

He could have baseball caps that say “CUNT PUNT,” and as a match for Trump’s “lock her up!” chant he could – I’m sorry this is so obvious – have the audience at his rallies chant “beat her up!”

Honestly, if the Wall isn’t well under way by 2020, and Avenatti is out there talking about how he’s going to MAKE WOMEN BRUISED AGAIN, I’m throwing my support behind Avenatti 2020.

I would even volunteer to write his speeches for him.


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