Anti-Democracy Wench Hillary Clinton Bashes Donald Trump For Being Against Democracy

Daily Stormer
October 22, 2016


I don’t think this is what they are talking about when they use the word.

The anti-democracy wench Hillary Clinton at a recent speech bashed Donald Trump for being against democracy. This is so comical that it is hard to fathom how she can say this with a straight face.

It is a proven fact that the entire Democrat party’s nomination process was rigged by insiders to ensure Clinton won. Internal e-mails from the DNC proved that the party intentionally stacked everything in favor of her. How on earth is that democracy? If that’s what she considers democracy, then no sane person would be for it.

On top of that you have Democrat operatives who have been caught on film admitting that they have willfully engaged in widespread vote fraud to rig elections. One operative went so far as to admit that they’ve been illegally busing people in to polling centers for over 50 years. How is that democracy? I call that unethical criminality.

She’s basically saying that Trump is a bad person for being against this system of corruption while falsely identifying it as a legitimate system of democracy. Why should Trump take the election results at face value if we see widespread reports of vote fraud and rigging on election day? No legitimate candidate would give up their right to legally challenge election results before an election. Al Gore certainly didn’t back in 2000.

Never mind the fact that democracy itself is truly a horrible form of government. It has allowed special interests many of who are Jewish special interests to buy off politicians who work for them instead of the people. Hillary Clinton is a perfect illustration of this. She is totally owned by Jewish interests. Hollywood, Wall Street, big media and other big corporate interests are the ones fueling her campaign. Without them she’d be lucky to get 1% of the vote.

She is a hated individual. She will have no political legitimacy if she somehow manages to sneak her way into the White House.