Another 6 Million Lost: Jews Claim Marrying a Goy is Like Being Gassed by Hitler

Daily Stormer
July 11, 2019

Does this Jew not look like a Sad Merchant?

Why is he so sad?

Because Jews have been doing what they shouldn’t do: practicing diversity instead of just preaching it.


Israel’s newly appointed Minister of Education Rafi Peretz said at a Cabinet meeting on July 1 that the rate of intermarriage among U.S. Jews is “like a second Holocaust,” according to 3 people who were in the room.

Why it matters: Peretz, a former chief rabbi of the Israeli army, is the leader of a bloc of ultra right-wing religious parties. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was personally involved in forming this political bloc, which also includes the Jewish supremacist “Jewish Power” party. If Netanyahu wins the upcoming elections, Peretz will likely stay on as education minister.

Peretz’s remarks represent the growing rift between the Orthodox parts of Israeli society and politics, and the majority of U.S. Jews who are much more liberal, and most of whom identify with the Reform or Conservative denominations.

How it happened: The July 1 Cabinet meeting included a briefing by Dennis Ross, chairman of the board of the “Jewish People Policy Institute” and a senior official in the Obama, Bush, and Clinton administrations, on trends in Jewish communities around the world, in particular in North America.

During Ross’ briefing, the ministers discussed the growing rate of marriages between Jews and non-Jews in America.

Peretz said the assimilation of Jews around the world and mostly in the U.S. was “like a second Holocaust,” and added that due to intermarriages in the last 70 years the Jewish people “lost 6 million people.” Peretz’s spokesman confirmed this account.

6 million lost to the gas chambers. 6 million lost to Luuurve. At this rate of attrition, only the crazy religious Jews will be left soon. And they’re no better than Moslems.

Can it be long before Americans are asked to pay reparations for this Second Shoah?

The truth is that at the heart of Judaism lurks a rancid racial supremacism that makes National Socialism look like an Oxfam Mission Statement.

Jews created National Socialism as a defensive reaction to their own racism. Jews conjure racism into being wherever they go because it is only through counter-discrimination that the goyim can defend their own interests against them. The same thing happened in 15th century Spain with the “limpieza de sangre” [blood purity] movement.

Most of what is called “racism” is the simple instinct of empathy we feel for others of our own kind. Occasionally, racism assumes ideological form. Judaism is the prototypical form of ideological racism in world history and most other ideologies of racism – including that of the modern Alt-Right – have been defensive reactions to it.

It’s a curious phenomenon in world history that when one people is threatened by another people acting on the basis of a discriminatory ideology, in reaction to the threat they often develop a counter-discriminatory ideology that is the mirror image of the one that threatens them. For example, Christian crusading ideology was clearly a response to Moslem jihad, but also a mirror image of it.

Similarly, the Jews threaten us with their rancid racial supremacism and we are forced to become racists in response – just to defend our own interests, indeed our very existence.

Just remember they started it, not us.

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  1. Of course the parasite wishes to copulate with its host.

  2. Luurve is the message that Anti-Racist Hitler spreads. Oy veh gevalt!

  3. People have no standards anymore if so many are fucking Jews.

  4. Yeah, well it’s even more tragic for us.

  5. I used to work with a jewish girl at a large company, and she was creepy, rapey, and always grabbing at me. I felt sickened by her and tried to avoid her as much as possible. It seems like the talmud’s glorification of rape really puts them in the mood. Disgusting.

  6. So if intermarriage between different ethnic groups is akin to “da woist genocide evah oy gevalt”, then what would racemixing propaganda be considered?

  7. Oy, this is too, too painful to read.

    Anyway folks, I don’t like the idea that they marry into our gene pool…their poison multiples within our societies as more people would have some portion of their p potent sychopathic/sociopathic dna. Over time such people and descendants may “discover” their fractional jewishess and genes are then activated. I find it sickening that our once-great WASP people now marrying/breeding with these creeps (sons/daughters of Clinton, Gore, Kennedy, Trump, etc etc). These nefarious people and offspring will claim rights to our history and twist it.

    The world must be confronted with the truth about Judaism/Jews and the disgustingness/shamefulness associated with it so that this group is contained and hopefully die out over time - for the sake of all humanity and nature.

  8. Jews have not yet learned how to be multicultural; this transformation must take place. Jewish people can no longer be the monolithic society that it once was in the last century, because without diversity, Jews cannot survive.”















  9. Good, good. All jews should be “Blacked”.

  10. So the jews admit that intermarrying with other races is the equivalent of genocide?

    Yet we’re supposed to disbelieve White Genocide and view their constant race-mixing propaganda for Whites as harmless?


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