Angela Merkel Endorses Student Protests About Global Warming Apocalypse

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 4, 2019

Mama Merkel is making clear that she supports white kids skipping school to protest the climate not being what they think the climate should be. After all, these kids are soon going to be completely replaced by Mama’s hordes of brown refugee illiterate IT engineers.

So… at this point, what difference does it make?


German Chancellor Angela Merkel is making clear she supports students protesting around the world against global warming, following widespread criticism of comments seeming to suggest the demonstrations may have been fomented by Russian online agitation.

Merkel clarified her stance in her weekly podcast Saturday, saying she “really welcomed” the student protests and that “I think it is a very good initiative.”

White people are told they shouldn’t reproduce because kids would have a hard life due to the climate changing and all of that and we’re also told that we should flood our countries with brown biped monkeys because we need them to work for the good of the economy or whatever. These are contradicting statements that most whites see no problem with because of the white guilt and self-hatred inculcated by the Jewish media social engineering empire.

“It’s their turn now,” they subconsciously think — the time for brown people to inherit the world we’ve built, because as we’ve built it, some brown people cried.

Brown “people” crying today are crying because of something white people do or did at some point in time.

These white students skipping school to protest climate change all over Europe advance the replacement agenda. They’re easy to manipulate and easy to scare. They really think the world is going to end and thus there’s no point in going to school.

By stating her support for their protests, Merkel feeds these kids’ delusions about the Climate Apocalypse, and these kids are going to be voting in a couple of years. They’re already demanding raises in taxes and stupid Green New Deal kind of policies.

Once they’re of voting age, they’ll be the new generation of voters and they’ll vote for white genocide. They’ll be the new generation of soldiers fighting against their own people. Traitor puppets. Automatons.

Unless we reach them first.

We have to reach them and unravel their self-hate knots. We have to lift the Jewish programming veil from their eyes.

And we need your help to do it.