Anarcho-Vegan Records Video Trying to Get Toddler Daughters to Consent to Sex With Him

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 23, 2019

UPDATE: He might not actually be Jewish. Just want to make that correction, for the sake of accuracy. What I wrote below still stands because a Jew would do this.

So, here you have a Jewish man recording sexual consent tapes with his toddler daughters, who he tells to touch his penis.

The girls are twins and they were 3-years-old in 2015. It’s not clear when the videos were recorded.

This was just found by 8/pol/.

I don’t really know the details.

His name appears to be Sean Windingland.

He goes by “Anarcho Spiritualist” on YouTube. He is a vegan anarchist.

He has at least three YouTube channels.

Oh and what’s this…?

Imagine my shock.

He also posts videos about flat earth on PornHub.

This is really one of the big problems with Jews.

Not specifically that they have sex with their toddlers, but that they are fundamentally biologically different than white people, and that is expressed by things like having sex with their toddlers.

The kind of people who have sex with their toddlers cause all types of problems, and really should not be allowed in our countries. Certainly, they should not be allowed to control our media and government.

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