An Explanation as to Why We Should All Support Donald Trump

Info Stormer
December 28, 2015


Since I announced my intent to support Donald Trump for President, I keep hearing from certain people who don’t understand why I am doing this. ¬†Therefore I have decided to provide a more detailed explanation to clear up any confusion that people have.

The vast majority of people who raise this question believe that the Trump campaign is part of some elaborate Jewish conspiracy to fool us into supporting him.  They point to his daughter being Jewish, him having business relationships with Jews, the photo he took with the Clintons and his declared support for Israel.  I absolutely concede that these are valid points of criticism but this does not prove that he is part of a vast Jewish conspiracy.

We really need to stop giving the Jews so much credit.  They do not control each and everything that ever happens.  The promotion of this idea is demoralizing and needs to stop.

First, we are talking about a billionaire who is self-funding his campaign. ¬†He can’t be controlled by Jewish shekels. ¬†So how exactly is he being controlled? ¬†Blackmail? ¬†There’s no evidence of that.

Second, as¬†a businessman in New York City it was necessary for him and his company to be on friendly terms with politicians from both political parties and various Jews in the world of business. ¬†There’s millions of Jews in New York City so he was bound to be dealing with them one way or another. ¬†A point of criticism yes, but this does not prove that any of these Jews he’s done business with are directly controlling him.

Third, who his daughter marries is not evidence that he is controlled by Jews. ¬†The argument makes no sense. ¬†The only conclusion¬†that can be drawn from this is that he doesn’t share the same views that the German NSDAP had on the Jewish question.

Fourth, the Jews already had a significant number of candidates that they could control with their shekels. ¬†Why would they want an alpha male billionaire entering the race who they can’t buy off? ¬†Especially one who is speaking out on various issues that contradict the political agendas that they favor. ¬†They gain nothing from this arrangement.

Fifth, the Jew media has tirelessly attempted but failed to derail his campaign. ¬†Their failure has now forced them to cover him continuously. ¬†Both because he’s leading the GOP race and because he provides them¬†with high ratings. ¬†In addition, most Jewish media personalities are against him¬†because he is opposing what they stand for. ¬†To say that all of this effort went into staging this type of scenario is ridiculous. ¬†It doesn’t benefit the Jewish power structure in any way.

Sixth, his expressed support for Israel is absolutely a valid criticism but also not evidence that he is directly controlled by Jews. ¬†He supports establishing closer ties with Russia and is against overthrowing Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad. ¬†These stances do not correlate with the best interests of Israel. ¬†If anything, it indicates that Trump is much more likely to do what’s¬†right for America first.

With all that said, I don’t¬†even care if the conspiracy promoters¬†turn out to be correct¬†about Trump. ¬†Supporting him is still the right thing to do. ¬†Like him or not, the Trump campaign is serving as a useful vehicle to inject increasingly more radical and nationalist ideas into the mainstream political discourse. ¬†There’s already a large number of people behind him and his campaign is serving as a battering ram against political correctness. ¬†These are all positives in our favor.

Even if Trump breaks all of his campaign promises we’ll¬†at least have a White alpha male in the White House. ¬†This marks a big improvement over the faggot monkey who is currently in power. ¬†Plus, Trump¬†is an entertaining figure. ¬†He makes me laugh. ¬†I consider that another positive.

Unfortunately, many of our people seem to believe in a weird form of intellectual elitism and don’t want to look at what is most practical to further our goals. ¬†Instead, they¬†promote speculative conspiracies to somehow make people think they are smarter than everyone. ¬†This makes no sense to me.

What’s most practical right now is to support the Trump campaign. ¬†I have yet to hear a better alternative from those supporting the Jewish conspiracy angle. ¬†Their proposed alternative is to do nothing and proclaim how smart they are for doing so.

Obviously, I have many disagreements with Trump but if a large number of White Americans get behind him, there is at least a chance we can push things in the proper direction.

Every¬†White American should absolutely cast a vote for Trump. ¬†There’s is absolutely nothing to lose by doing so.

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