America: 355 Mass Shootings This Year?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 3, 2015

The media is going on about how the San Bernardino terrorist attack is the 355th mass shooting this year. They are saying any event where 4 people get shot is a mass shooting.

mass shootings

Obviously, it is a terrorist attack, and not a mass shooting.

This data, cited by The Washington Post and many others, is apparently new (at least to the media). It comes from a subreddit which tracks shootings.

However, Mother Jones had previously offered data on mass shootings, where they claimed it was a majority White men.

The Mother Jones data was taken only from high-profile mass shooting. With the new reddit data table above, where we are talking about any time four people (including the initial shooter) get shot at the same time, that would overwhelmingly be Blacks – presumably 90+% of the time. I would like to see someone go through that data and figure out the races.

But, with the Mother Jones data (again, apparently only high profile cases), someone on Tumblr already went through and analyzed the race of shooters.

What they came up with was that proportionally, other than Latinos, Whites are the least likely to do a mass shooting.


Presumably, Arabs are included as “White” on this datatable, as they are in all other statistics in the US.

You might be surprised Asians are winning the game. But they are extremely uptight people. Not prone to day-to-day violence, but prone to breakdowns.

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