Always Ask That Bitch If She’s Been to Dubai

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 26, 2018

So I saw this Russian beauty pageant story with this header image:

And I had a moment of weakness.

I thought: “If we did away with multiculturalism, and all sluts in America were that thin, you could just let them whore it up and they would end up competing for men.”

The logic of that thought is that so many bitches are out of the game due to being literally “unfuckable” due to the fatness that basically 100% of men are forced to compete for 5% of women.

(Of course, the question is purely academic in the first place, because there is no way that American women are going to lose weight willingly.)

But then I scrolled down to the winner of the pageant’s instagram image.

And we notice this:

And if you are thinking “oh it’s cold in Russia and she just wanted to go to a nice beach,” then oh my sweet summer child.

Russians have beach spots in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam with historical roots, where there are Russian communities, Russian language service from locals, lots of other specific Russian things, and these places are 10-15 times cheaper than Dubai to vacation and have significantly better beaches. Russians also have places in Syria. If they want a European option, there’s Greece, which is a short hop away.

You see, insta thots go to Dubai for a very specific reason: to engage in bizarre sex acts with Arabs who often only pay for their plane ticket and room and board.

These acts often/always include being shit on by the Arabs.

There is an entire website devoted to exposing “instagram models” who are actually prostitutes called “Tag the Sponsor.” The hookers refer to the johns as “sponsors” instead of “johns,” and literally claim to not actually be hookers.

The people who do the site just send random girls messages pretending to be businessmen from Dubai offering money and trips for sex.

You can do this yourself. Go try it.

Russian women are horrible about this.

So understand this: if you let white women loose, they will do all of the things you do not want them to do. Russia has a situation where women are basically forced to compete with each other for men, simply because they don’t have the welfare and affirmative action, which ensures they stay thin.

But they will still go get shit on by Arabs in some other country.

The reason they stay in line in Russia is because of Russian men, who are the only white men who are still masculine. But they will escape at the first chance they get to go get shit on by Arabs.

This is the trouble.

You cannot have some jolly situation where women can be all slutty and then settle down with men. Even if you have banned multiculturalism, white women will figure out some devious way to engage in twisted, depraved sexual acts with brown people.

You have to lock down the ship, completely.

White women are rebellious and hateful, and they seek only to destroy the things that white men work to build.

You have to have forced child marriage and laws about women leaving the house unaccompanied by men.