Alt-Right Terrorist Jordan Peterson’s Book Banned in New Zealand

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 23, 2019

This is what being part of the intellectual dork web gets you, bucko.

National Post:

A national chain of bookstores in New Zealand has pulled copies of Jordan Peterson’s book 12 Rules for Life from sale, directly linking the decision to the massacre of 50 people in two mosques in Christchurch.

“Unfortunately, 12 Rules for Life is currently unavailable,” said a customer representative for Whitcoulls, the country’s largest bookseller with more than 50 stores in New Zealand and an online business.

“(It) is a decision that Whitcoulls has made in light of some extremely disturbing material being circulated prior, during and after the Christchurch attacks.

“As a business which takes our responsibilities to our communities very seriously, we believe it would be wrong to support the author at this time.”

The representative declined to provide her name as she was not authorized to comment to the media. Requests for comment and further explanation from company officials were not answered prior to deadline.

Good decision.

Everyone who is anyone in the underground White Terror Network reads Jordan Peterson and prays to him 5 times a day while ritually dipping their dongs below the water line of the toilet bowl.

Here, this is from the Jordan Peterson Neo-Nazi terrorist’s manifesto. He calls it his “Twelve Rules… of Terror.” 

Rule 1 Stand up straight with your shoulders back

Rule 2 Treat yourself like you would someone you are responsible for helping

Rule 3 Make friends with people who want the best for you

Rule 4 Compare yourself with who you were yesterday, not with who someone else is today

Rule 5 Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them

Rule 6 Set your house in perfect order before you criticise the world

Rule 7 Pursue what is meaningful (not what is expedient)

Rule 8 Tell the truth – or, at least, don’t lie

Rule 9 Assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don’t

Rule 10 Be precise in your speech

Rule 11 Do not bother children when they are skate-boarding

Rule 12 Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street

*Rule 13 Subscribe to PewDiePie

I cannot confirm whether or not Jordan Peterson is subscribed to PewDiePie, but I am almost certain that he is part of the same sprawling supremacist cell network and that this justifies Jordan Peterson’s censorship and future incarceration.

Everyone subscribed to PewDiePie should be put on a watch list as potential White Supremacist terrorists, if you ask me. The man runs a Right-Wing Death Squad training camp channel and YouTube allows him to get away with it for some reason.

There are only 7000 Jews in New Zealand, but they are already punching way about their weight class. New Zealand has repeatedly voted in a Jewish prime minister.

You know, it’s funny, but because of the events in New Zealand and the news coming out of Canada and the UK, I’ve really started appreciating America more. Despite all the Zionist propaganda and the millions upon millions of kikes that have descended upon her cities, you can’t say that America has ever elected a Jew or worse, a woman, as president.

So we’ve got that going for us at least.

The other Anglo countries are completely fucked though.

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  1. Because their numbers are relatively few, jews are taught from an early age that political
    power is essential to their existence and future, and are encouraged to seek public office
    or to assist one of their own in his pursuit of same. It is inculcated into them that those at
    the top make the rules that those at the bottom must adhere to, and that because jews
    are the ‘chosen’ ones it is essential that they recognize this duty and exercise their prerogative
    to rule.

    White people don’t give a shit about politics, for any number of reasons, at this age level
    and the result is that Whites are drawn to politics likely out of greed, and quickly become
    shabbos in the service of the jews.

    We need to reverse this apathetic attitude towards power and rule, and also start a movement
    to get thousands of us into the banking industry and push the jews out by force of numbers alone.

    Whatever, if the DOTR and/or the SHTF scenarios are not on the immediate horizon, we must start a
    White bricks and mortar organization, built along the lines of the ADL, JDL and NAACP to
    advance and protect the interests of our people.

  2. 7000 Jews in New Zealand…

    Man, that’s depressing.

    I remember feeling the same way when I heard about Richard Spencer’s mother’s problems in Montana. Not because of Spencer but because I had always imagined Montana as one of the last great places in America (i.e., jew free).

    Another childish dream dashed to bits…

    Even Wyoming and Alaska…


  3. A bookseller who bans books is in the wrong line of work.

  4. 1500 Jews in Norway out of a population of 5 million.
    At one time it was written into the Norwegian Constitution that Jews and Jesuits were banned from entering the country.

  5. I think it was this blatant piece of Anti-Semitism that got him banned… Fuck, he might as well have called for another (technically the first) Shoah!

    Guy’s an animal, that’s why I don’t follow him, he’s scary hardcore!

  6. Ahhh… the good old days.

  7. D[quote=“inquisitor, post:5, topic:318975, full:true”]
    1500 Jews in Norway out of a population of 5 million.
    At one time it was written into the Norwegian Constitution that Jews and Jesuits were banned from entering the country.

    I apologize for belaboring the obvious but 1500 jews is more than enough to subvert and destroy any nation.

    Hell… get one on your local school board and stand back and watch with awe and wonderment the will to dominate inherent in these people.

  8. My point being is that such a ban should be initiated in all white western countries and never rescinded.

    I am most familiar with the Jew as I have spent much time in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

    1. Harden your posture against never-ending degeneracy
    2. Treat yourself like you would a fellow White nationalist
    3. Befriend people who share your goals
    4. Remember we wuz Aryan kangz, not Matthew Heimbach
    5. Do not let your children miscegenate
    6. Criticize Western society before you criticize another.
    7. Your goals must not just be Good, but also Harmonious
    8. Jews lie - or at least, do not tell the truth
    9. Ask open questions, so people reveal themselves to you
    10. Study grammar, rhetoric and logic
    11. Explain to your children what mistakes are
    12. Treat animals with kindness and respect
    13. Wash your penis in mongrel blood
    14. Cleanse your raum

    88: Secure a future for White women & children

  9. That movie is based on a story told by pro-skater H. Hunter about a kid he knew. 90’s skater kids were partying hard. They had their lives paid for and were causing mayhem professionally. They had it ‘made’. And then they killed themselves while not even skateboarding. Skateboarding could be very cool, like surfing, but it’s fundamentally degenerate: a product of the ‘punk’ age of nihilism and cynicism.

    On February 17, 2006, Hunter was found dead from a cocaine-induced heart attack in his Lower East Side apartment.

    Keenan Milton killed himself while at a party, DROWNED IN THE POOL

    Died in a drunk motorcycle accident with Ali Boulala, who was forced to retire due to injury.

    Dylan Rieder died of leukemia in 2016

    Corey Kennedy is in jail for killing his filmer buddy while crashing the van into a tree while drunk

    They could have been skateboarding heroes and made millions.

    No pro skater has ever died from injuries. Like, come on, dude

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