All Trump’s Problems are Jewish Problems

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2019

Here are the top stories on Google News this morning:

Weisselberg, Kushner, Cohen.

All of Trump’s problems are Jewish problems.

It’s obvious that all of his main enemies are Jews – Rosenstein, Schiff, the entire media complex – but the more dangerous Jews are the ones who he’s let close to him. And those close Jews are the Jews who are going to bring his downfall.

I will say again what I have said before: in the post-Trump era, it is going to be very easy to point out to the people who supported Trump that his Presidency was destroyed by Jews – both from the outside and within.

And that is really all that matters: pushing that agenda into the public mind.

I will say again also: trying to tell Trump-supporters that Trump was bad is a retarded, self-defeating strategy. Just from a realpolitik position, it serves no purpose. The way to do this is to point to all of these Jews, and put the blame on them.

And they are the ones responsible.

No one knows how committed or not committed Trump was to pushing the America First agenda. I tend to think he was committed, others have argued that it was a ruse to get elected. It simply does not make any difference what is going on in his mind. What matters is that we are able to show Trump supporters that Jews made it impossible for his agenda to happen, that they worked together to push their own agenda to undermine America.