Decides to Restore Rankings for Right-Wing Websites

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 27, 2016

anime nazi is a webpage-ranking site, which provides a number rank for most pages on the internet.

I’ve had a few people say “wow, I just checked and Daily Stormer’s numbers have shot up!”

However, although there is always a steady increase in traffic,’s graph is a result of a decision by the company to re-list right-wing websites after having de-listed them in October of 2014. Alex Jones reported on this at the time, and I covered it.

Our traffic hasn’t actually tripled over the last six weeks. And I assume this is also true for the sites out there who are posting this Alexa data and claiming their traffic is exploding. Not trying to call anyone out, but that is an extremely dishonest thing to do, and the fact that people are doing this should make you pause.

They literally just dropped the numbers for all right-wing sites arbitrarily. This included basic bitch conservative sites., October 2014:

dailystormer-com-site-overview, September 2016:

daily-stormer_999081, October 2014:

alexa-infowars, September 2016:


You can go check the site, and see that all right-wing sites are shooting up like this. I wish I could find all of the screenshots I took at the time, but alas, two years is a long time to hold on to screenshots.

I’m still not clear on why they dropped the numbers. I mean, I had a few people who are against me write and claim that my site had turned to crap and the proof was on, but overall, very few people check that site. I wouldn’t think that doing very slight harm to the reputation of right-wing websites would be worth the cost of basically destroying your own company (although it is owned by anti-White racist Jeff Bezos, so WaPoizing it maybe made sense to him).

Alex Jones claimed it was to drain right-wing sites of advertising money, but even that doesn’t make much sense, given that advertisers get to see the traffic numbers themselves.

It’s also not clear why, two years later, they’ve decided to restore real rankings for right-wing sites. I imagine it has to do with the rise of, another ranking site which has become increasingly popular and is providing real rankings.

Similar Web appears to still be more accurate, ranking us in the 19-20k range, while Alexa has us in the 24-25k range. It’s a significant disparity.


Similar Web also provides a graph that more or less matches the trend I see on my analytics, even though the total numbers they estimate are 40% low.


But the steady rise with a little bit lower numbers in June and then the spike in July is accurate. July was when over a million Turks read my article about the coup being staged, so it threw the numbers off a lot.

To take it META LEVEL, Similar Web is beating Alexa on

daily-stormer_999079 daily-stormer_999078

Probably, a journalist is going to use this new Alexa data to claim the Alt-Right is exploding and someone needs to shut down the internet.

I think we are exploding, but it’s at a steady pace. Although it is exponential.

What I do think is that Alexa chose to fix this disparity right now, just before the election, as it sort of makes it seem to make sense. And no media will cover it anyway, besides me. They’re too busy manufacturing narratives about Indian Neo-Nazi White Supremacist terrorists.

And it might not even be just because they’re so corrupt. This whole thing sounds like some weird conspiracy theory, even when you have the graphs to prove it. But clearly, the industry was aware of what was going on, as the rise of the competitor Similar Web shows.