Alex Jones Has a Worthy Successor

Roy Batty and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 1, 2018

Alex Jones had his fifteen-year-old son on his show to call out that literal ant-looking child actor David Hogg to a debate about the Second and First Amendments.

Hogg didn’t respond, and now Rex Jones has issued a second call to debate.

Meanwhile, Alex’s bitch ex-wife has sounded the alarm about this. She doesn’t want her kid to be famous and loved by millions, I suppose.

Daily Mail:

The ex-wife of far-right radio host Alex Jones claims he has ‘brainwashed’ their children after their son appeared on his show.

On Wednesday their 15-year-old son Rex appeared on Jones’ far-right website to challenge Parkland survivor David Hogg to a gun debate.

The bold challenge left Rex’s mother Kelly Jones ‘horrified’ claiming that her ex-husband has ‘endangered and exploited’ their children for ratings.

She took to Twitter to share her concern over her son’s vehement gun debate challenge, pointing blame to her ex-husband’s influence.

‘I am horrified & incredibly concerned for my vulnerable minor son who has been endangered and exploited for ratings by my ex-husband, Alex Jones,’ she wrote Friday morning.

‘I implore @YouTube to immediately remove these endangering videos. I am speaking to counsel and will issue a video statement today,’ she added. 

She also threatened legal action to prevent him from returning on the website again. 


She’s on a full on ragerant on Twitter.

Isn’t she part globalist…?

Poor kid. Forced to choose between his mother or father and having his mother tweet publicly about him. Now he’s embroiled in a public spat involving David Hogg, the media, his mom and his dad.

And his dad is getting skewered for calling David Hogg a crisis actor. Everyone is after him. Perhaps he really did bring his son, Rex, in to start playing the game on the enemy’s terms. Child soldier against child soldier.

Alex was never one to go half-way.

It might end bad for Alex. That kind of shit is okay for the Left, but not for the muh principals Right.

But this is the new paradigm here, folks. Kids are no longer off limits. They are now involved in politics as well.

And, let’s be real here, the kid is fifteen. And he’s on the right. That means he’s one of us or he almost certainly will be in a few years time. Because we’ve got a total lockdown on this demographic.

And the best part is that the kid’s got potential.

Furthermore, he’s got the Jewish angle… he’s part Jew, and this will help us appeal to the Jews who want to accept white culture, instead of globalism.

Frankly, his old man is a bit out touch with the memes – despite being a meme factory himself. Rex will be way more meme-savvy. And way more radical.

Rex is being prepared to create a new meme media empire.

He will be the perfect leader of American CIVIC nationalism.

I hope that Alex is prepared to hand over the reins of Infowars to his son in the near future. Perhaps he should just get him a live stream show in the meanwhile to prepare him.


But as America barrels towards Third World status, we are going to have to get used to Third World conditions.

Child soldiers will now dominate the media battlefield.

It will be Hogg in their camp, and Rex in ours.

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