Alex Jones Gets Banned from PayPal for Spreading “Hate”

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
September 22, 2018

PayPal announced that they have banned Alex Jones from their service because he previously said hurtful things about groups of people on the Internet. 

Alex Jones has been officially banned from PayPal for spreading so-called “hate” content. We predicted that this was going to happen because all of us were thrown off of PayPal and other online payment processors many years ago.


PayPal has refused to let Infowars use its service any longer.

In an announcement on Friday, PayPal says that it has ended its business agreement with the right-wing conspiracy site and its related websites.

The money transfer service says that Infowars “promoted hate and discriminatory intolerance against certain communities and religions,” which violates PayPal policy.

Infowars and its host Alex Jones have been banned from a number of services and platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Apple’s iTunes and Podcast app, Spotify, LinkedIn, Pinterest, MailChimp, Vimeo and even porn site YouPorn.

But the PayPal ban has the potential to hit Infowars where it hurts the most — its wallet. Infowars makes a lot of money by selling things like dietary supplements, survival gear and other merch, NYMag reports, and PayPal was one of the site’s primary payment options, as well as major credit cards.

This shows once again that the Jews are pushing for a complete and total shut down of all media operations that disagree with the overall Jewish narrative. Disagreeing with this narrative is classified as “hate” and is being used as justification to deny access to critical services.

It no longer matters if you intentionally avoid talking about Jews or racial issues. Jones has gone out of his way to do just that, and he’s still getting banned from everything anyway. He can’t even post videos on YouPorn for fuck’s sake!

The PayPal ban comes after Right Wing Watch, a site financed with money from the Jew George Soros, published an article demanding Jones be thrown off for violating their terms of service. PayPal is apparently saying that articles on criticizing Islam and trannies were the reason why they ultimately decided to do the ban.


Payment processor PayPal has banned Infowars in what represents nothing less than a political ploy designed to financially sabotage an influential media outlet just weeks before the mid-term elections.

Company representatives called Infowars yesterday to confirm that PayPal was terminating its agreement after “a comprehensive review of the Infowars site.”

The company claimed that Infowars violated PayPal’s “acceptable use policy” because it “promoted hate and discriminatory intolerance against certain communities and religions.”

No specific examples whatsoever were officially provided to back up this claim, which relies on a nebulous definition of “hate” which is so vague that virtually anything could qualify.

Off record, Infowars was told that criticism of Islam and opposition to transgenderism being taught to children in schools were two of the examples of “hate”.

The ban was instituted despite containing no political content whatsoever, emphasizing how the decision was a broader attack on the Infowars platform.

It’s not going to end with this either. The Jews are going to do everything they can to cripple his operations that generate revenue. This means getting him blacklisted from any mechanism that allows processing credit card payments online.

The end game is to get Jones completely banned from the Internet. If denying him access to payment processors doesn’t do the job, they’ll go after the domain. They’ll also go after other services used to maintain his web presence.

What we are seeing happen to Jones is essentially a repeat of what they tried and failed to do to the Daily Stormer. Jones made a big mistake by not supporting us when we were getting banned from everything. Even to this day, he pretends like we don’t exist despite the fact that we have a mutual interest in fighting these Jews who are trying to render us non-persons on the tubes.

Based on principles alone, none of us support Jones or anybody else getting banned from these services for their political speech. However, it is good that Jones is getting thrown off of more services. The bans are helping further highlight the need for these monopoly tech companies to be regulated and broken up under anti-trust laws.

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