Albanian Kosovo Sends Police Unit on Raid Deep in Serb Territory

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 29, 2019

Strap in, lads.

We may experience a new Yugoslav war in our lifetimes.


A Kosovo police raid in the Serb-dominated area of the breakaway region is a provocation, the Russian Foreign Ministry has said, adding that Pristina’s actions were indulged by the EU and US.

Moscow regards the Tuesday intrusion by Kosovo’s special forces (ROSU) into the Serb-populated northern municipalities as a “provocation,” spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

Pristina’s ultimate aim, she explained, is “to intimidate and force out the non-Albanian population and forcibly establish control of the area.”

Fucking hell. Call it out for what it is: ethnic cleansing.

On Tuesday morning, Kosovo special forces (ROSU) launched a raid in the town of Zubin Potok in the Serb-dominated north-western part of Kosovo. Gunfire was reportedly heard on the streets as police, according to Pristina, targeted an “organized crime network.” Over a dozen ethnic Serbs are said to have been arrested.

Moscow said the operation violates the agreements between Belgrade and Pristina which prohibit Kosovo special forces, armed with long-barreled weapons, from penetrating deep into the Serbian municipalities.

I’m hoping against hope that the Serbs begin mobilizing, but at the same time, I appreciate the difficult situation that they’re in.

Last time around, the German, British, American, Israeli, Turkish and Iranian intelligence threw everything that they had against Serbia. With Russia being led by the incompetent drunk, Boris Yeltsin, Serbia was totally surrounded by jihadis and being bombed by NATO warplanes. And their neighbors were all being supported by the West. They were totally and completely alone.

Despite all this, they performed pretty well in that war, proving once again that American propaganda about having the best military in the world is just that: demoralization propaganda which isn’t based in reality, and that determined resistance is possible.

These “provocations” have been ongoing since the 90s and for the most part, the Serbs have had to keep their powder dry. Furthermore, they have a new comprador elite put into power. Just the other day, their president said some bizarre and worrying things to the Parliament.


Serbia needs to accept that it has lost control over Kosovo, its former southern province, and it must seek a compromise to normalize ties with Pristina, President Aleksandar Vucic told parliament in unusually blunt terms on Monday. 

“We need to recognize that we have been defeated.. We lost the territory,” Vucic told parliament during a special session dedicated to Kosovo.

“I did not opt to continue with lies and deceit. I have told everyone: There is no Serbian (visible) authority in Kosovo except in hospitals and schools,” he said.

“We have two options – to normalize relations by reaching an agreement or to maintain a frozen conflict,” Vucic told the deputies, mostly members of the ruling coalition controlled by his Progressive Party. 

This was a terrible thing to say openly.

Only the West recognizes Kosovo. Serbia’s only ally and only serious sponsor since time immemorial has been Russia, and they think that the whole Kosovo thing is complete bullshit – which it is.

One Russian got detained by the Kosovars and the Russians are livid. Their media isn’t pulling any punches.

Serbia has decided to put its army on alert.

If there is going to be another NATO-sponsored Jihad, the Serbs will have at least some Russian support.

A few S-300s would really even the playing field this time around.

Top Comments

  1. Sisu says:

    I would love to see our Serb brother take back what is rightfully theirs.

  2. Oh shit, here we go again

  3. I actually hope this heats up. This time the slavs won’t back down. Time to clean up this scum once and for all.

  4. The ZOG’ed USA empire is on the decline. Russia is getting stronger and nationalism is resurgent among white Europeans. China is playing the long game and is making ZOG planners sweat. They are pushing provocations to draw retaliation that will be the excuse to pull in NATO. Every year that true freedom loving nations avoid triggering a stupid war, the ZOG enemy gets weaker relative to our side. Serbs endured 500 years of Turk occupation before regaining their freedom. USA has less than 30 yrs left before collapsing and fracturing on racial lines I reckon. The only help Albanians will get next time is from Muslim world jihadis :rofl:. Crimea is Russia and Kosovo is Serbia.

  5. If the US starts bombing Iran it would be awesome if Russia took care of business with these Albanians and other rif-raff.

    Imagine if the neo-cohens started to lose ground in other theaters. Interesting times.

  6. Been all around Europe; North, South, East and West; and Serbia and the Serbs are some of the best people you will ever meet.

    The original Kebab Removalists. Long live Serbia!

  7. They were the only military to have ever shot down USAF stealth aircraft. They had spotters in Italy, timing when the aircraft took off, killing the element of surprise.

    Honestly, if the US was ever arrogant enough to repeat its actions of 20 years ago again, I’d volunteer to spot aircraft. I spit on the graves of US vets who died in that war.

  8. Czar says:

    When you want to achieve political victory, the first thing is to cease to use enemy’s semantics and narratives.

    Calling Albanians “Kosovars” is to give them some legitimacy to this province.

    But if they claim to be the real autochtonous people here, why does they use a pure Serbian word " Kos - Ovo" (the field of the blackbirds) to name it (Kosova or Kosovë for shqiptars) ?

    BTW you’re overestimating the interest the Russians have for Serbia other that for PR and narratives with wannabe neo-panslavist bullshit. They’re using Serbs to fuck with the West, not really supporting them.

    The only real way the Serbians have is to join the EU before occupied Kosovo can do, and to block their adhesion from within until they achieved at least some real autonomy for the Kosovska Mitrovica enclave, populated by Serbs and contiguous to mainland Serbia.

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