Alabama: Students Need More Holohoax Brainwashing

Modern Heretic
May 1, 2014

It was real... in my mind.
It was real… in my mind.

The “holocaust” is a story told by criminals and believed by fools. It started as Soviet war propaganda intended to encourage violence against German women and children. Later, and I mean much later, it evolved into the anti-White mythology of “gas chambers.” This replaced the original lies of “gas ovens” and electric conveyer belts. Doubting these claims and all the other jewish tall tales can lead to arrest and imprisonment in many Western nations. The holohoax has proven an effective weapon against the goyim and the jew marxist is now doubling down on “education” as more Whites are seeing it for the insulting and evil deceit that it is.

Gov. Robert Bentley vowed Tuesday to find $25,000 to help fund educational programs that teach the horrors of the Holocaust to students around Alabama.

I could teach them for a lot less than that. Let’s start with the amazing story of the jew that was unsuccessfully “gassed” six times.

He recalled how he and Weinstein discussed funding last year and when he asked her how much she’d need, he thought she’d ask for “$500,000” but she came up with $25,000 instead.

“I figured, you being a jew and all, you’d want lots of shekels. I guess when it comes to attacking White young people with a ridiculous pack of lies you’ll practically do it pro bono. I mean, you’ll still need some money, you are a jew…”

Bentley received loud applause when he said: “I just spoke to my finance director and he told me that we will find the $25,000, we will find it somewhere.

We’ll start by looking in White wallets.

“Next year we’ll again put it in the budget so that we can use it in our public schools,” said Bentley, who mentioned the six million Jews “who perished during the Holocaust because of the faith they practiced — they were robbed of their lives.”

After we all got done laughing we made sure the children wouldn’t learn about real 20th century genocides.

Venna Everett said her students study the Holocaust during a two-week period and then go to Washington, D.C., to visit the National Holocaust Museum.

Two solid weeks of “Whites Are Bad.” Soviet propaganda taught as fact. Get your children out of the public school.

He also said he is concerned that the passage of time “will trivialize the Holocaust” and saluted the Holocaust Commission “to see that this doesn’t happen.”

We must remember it, not like all those times Whites were massacred. Not important. Forget it. Imaginary crimes that are used as a cudgel against White nations are more important.

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